Thursday, July 26, 2007

Magic loop de loop

I am now going to rip out my sock for the third time. I have tried a few patterns that just do not work with this yarn. The patterns just get lost. So this morning I changed from two size 1 circulars to size 0 40" Addi's. I needed to go to the lab for 3 hr glucose test and made sure I would have something to keep me sane. No coffee!!! So I was up at 5, without the alarm clock, as three of them knew just when to wake me up. Fed everyone then I cast on, got through the tough part of the first few rows and went back to sleep til 7am. I knew if I stayed awake I would go nuts without my caffeine. Roll out at 7:30 and started giving up my blood at 8:10. Finished at 11:50. So I would break up the waiting with knitting in the waiting room, going out to the car to listen to Harry Potter. Thank God the medical complex was next door to a Dunkin Donuts. I got an iced coffee and came home. As I am not usually home during the day I channel surfed and have been watching A Bridge too Far. What a cast. But it was driving me crazy trying to find out who the solider James Caan saved. With a search I found out it was Nick Campbell. I've seen him on some channel late at night in "Da Vinci's Inquest". Never heard of the show and what small pieces I have stayed to watch are disjointed. I never get there at the start of the show and it isn't that good that I've record it.

Back to knitting. I now have enough of this sock knit up to get a gauge and will re-calculate the amount of stitches (more) and start once again.

Here is a picture I took this morning of the boys eating on the patio, they even do cute things without trying. Pia refuses to eat with them so I feed them separately morning and evening so fat girl will get her nourishment.


Angela said...

Hope your medical tests have good results for you! Love that yarn, hope you find a good pattern for it :o)

Cute kitties!

Robin said...

I just posted a picture of my cats eating with their tails crossed. How funny! I love kitties!