Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Bear for Anthony

This is the first 'toy' I have made. It is from itty-bitty nursery by Susan B. Anderson. There are more patterns that I will make. I used Sugar'n Cream Citrus Fruits. Size 3 circular needles, knitting back and forth. I purchased the book at my fav yarn store Knit Picks. It is made in all squares and in garter stitch. How easy is that. 8/25/09- Well, I tried to add a slide show when I 1st posted this. Still have a lot to learn. So here is Anthony's bear

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I always wanted to go there. I remember making Tinkerbell well as a kid. Now that I am no longer that young (but I am still a kid at heart) I will share what has been going on.

I started Knitting the back panel of Hey, Teach on 6/21/09. I got to the armhole decreases on 7/9/09. I had some much trouble with row 7. Designer should point this out and give us a heads up on how to work it. I have ripped out, tinked back so much that I could have made a dozens of these!!
Detail of Pattern

The back completed

I knit the front & back panels up to where the pattern starts. This went well. I then started the left front. That too caused me so much trouble. I understood the pattern. I could see where I screwed up and would tink back. This should have taken me hours to do. Maybe not at one sitting but over a few night or over a weekend. NOT! I tinked this more than the back. I finally completed the last 5 rows Sunday 8/16/09. After binding off the left front I put the left front back on the needles. Counted my stitches, like a good girl should. I am making the largest size so I should have 61 stitches. I had 57! So ribbit! I ended the night casting on the 61 stitches and went to sleep. Or so I thought
I had a sleepless night on Monday and went to work and got home without sleeping for 38 hours. I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia for over 25 years. I did my regular nighttime(checked emails, faceb00k and played bejeweled) routine then took my night time pills around 8 pm and had a great nights sleep. I woke up Tuesday feeling better than I have in a long time. Work has been busy-crazy. Well, Tuesday was a rare day and the rest of the week I dealt with the pain that comes and goes in different parts of the body.
to be continued