Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another sock done...moving on and catching up

It has been awhile since I posted. On 9/18 driving on the Beltway going 45 mph,just before approaching Rt 66 overpass, a guy in a Prius is flagging me down. I roll the window down and at 45mph he tells me I have a flat tire. Well, I get to the office about 3 miles into Tyson's Corner and yup, two tires on the drivers side are low. I have Nitro Fill for my 'air' now. (Note: I am getting over 50 miles more per gallon since I got nitro fill. I trip meter each tank and would know at 220 I needed gas, now I get 275 +) In the office I get online to look for someone near me to have these checked out. Right across the street there is a Lexus/Landrover dealer. I call them and am told that they only work on Lexus! I told the gal I only need the tires checked, thinking they may just need air what with the kids in my court at home. She puts me on hold again and come back with the same answer. Me "you are a dealer for Nitro Fill and I can get air from ANY dealer in the USA and you are required to service me." On hold again...I say to my co-worker "they are going to put a man on the line" and they did. I go through the whole thing again and he said to bring it on over and he gave me his name to use. Why did this have to take 10 minutes of aggravation! So I take my 2001 PT Cruiser in. Do I have to tell you that I'm feeling out of place! I told the gal that I had an appointment, so asked how long this would take? (to meet my sister in town from NY for her work). They take the car and come back and tell me that I have two nails in the front tire and one in the back. It will cost $110. I tell them that is out of the question and to please put air in the tires and I will go to my dealer. This took 1hr. So I call Sis to tell her she can come and spend the evening with me while I go to Costo (they have Nitrofill) and get the tires fixed. She asked if I would be upset if she went to Roslyn to a restaurant with others in town. LOL, hell, if I was in another town and was being treated to a night out at a nice place, what would I do! Of course, I would not be upset! So I drove to Springfield Costco and it cost me $16 to have the two tires plugged. I got out of there at 8:45pm. They not only fixed the tires they filled all 4 and balanced them. While I waited I worked on my sock. I was at the heel turn. From 6:30 to 8:30 I tried three times. Knit and rip. While I'm sitting on a very narrow bench outside the sun sets and it is getting chilly. Luckily I had the socks I knit to give to Sis. I have washed and dried them in the machine and they came out perfect! So she will still get them as she is a size 6 shoe to my 9.

Here are the new socks
and this is all I have left overMust include a kitty picture. Zorro hiding out. This is the 8ft fence with a two inch ledge. This plant I call Audrey. I purchased three 2" little plants at a Peeples drug store in 1975. Each year I would repot. She has given me two others that I needed to split out. One has lived with my neighbor since 1994 and the other is in the lobby of a sheltered workshop in Crystal City (previous job). This is my only plant! My place is too dark to substain plant life. I will bring Audrey in when they call for the first frost. She will sit on a table and live and die. There have been years when she lost every leaf. Put her back on the patio and she takes off. Now you know why she is an Audrey.