Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Weekend wrap up

Yesterday I did nothing around the house. Sissy got me up around 5:30. I would have been up earlier if I had actually gotten up when she started her wake up ritual. So I watch TV and knitted up this cap. This hat is from the book 101 Designer one-skein Wonders. You can see the hat on the cover. The yarn is Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in Lucky colorway. This is the perfect yarn for a child.
I did not put the pompom as the designer did. I'm not a big fan of pompom's.
All day as I worked on it Sissy kept coming up and try to get my attention. So I would take breaks and comb her. What do I find? A flea!!!! So one if not both of the boys brought them into the house. So far I have found 4! I have checked Zorro who would be the most likely one to have passed it on but I can't find any on him. Now I have experience with fleas so I am looking for flea dirt. Nada. Stanley has been letting me give him a lot brush time too. He loves it. I also have not seen dirt on him. Both boys have white fur so you would think it would be easy. So I now need to give all 4 cats a flea bath. Pia should be easy. Zorro I think I can manage but neither Sissy or Stanley like being held. I have a plan in place and will wear several layers of long sleeved shirts. Do you think flea stuff at the neck will work without giving a bath? I don't think so. I would ask for help but I have 4 former sometimes still feral cats! They do not know other people. If you come into my house you will not see the girls. Zorro is the least fearful of people in the house but outside he keeps clear of the kids. The kids see me and tell me they see the cats and why can't they pet them. I have to tell them that they are wild and to stay away from them. They don't understand but it keeps the peace with the kids and the cats.

Does this fellow look like a flea carrier? I think so. I originally made this as a baby present but was not happy with it. So it is now the cats. Sissy got on it first but Zorro soon took it as his own.

Today I did the house work. I then went looking for something that I could put the hat on to take the pictures. I have a bag of stuffed animals and dolls but the hat was too big but while I was in my walk-in closet I pulled out some summer tops and tried them all on to see if they fit. They did but two did make it into the bag for one of the charities that picks up. So far I have three bags of cloths. I am slowly, key word here is slowly, getting things out of the house that I do not need. I have subscribed to Freecycle on Yahoo groups but so far the only thing I have posted was my Filter Queen vacuum. Two people wanted it but they did not follow through. I have two large pieces of Scan furniture that I posted on Craigs List but no takers. I have lowered the price twice. I'll probably try a third time but that will be the last time.

I had great success selling my audio books on EBay. I sold 29 books and made $400+ selling them at $8 and up including free shipping. I realize $300 after EBay & Pay Pal fees and shipping. I still have three bags of 37 books that did not sell. I'll try again later this summer.

Well, enough for now. I am going to get my next project together so I get something OTN. I am going to try Clapotis again. I want something I made to wear at work when the AC gets too cold. It is either too warm, too cold or just right. Plus, we are starting to think that the AC goes down around 3 in the afternoon. Then we have no air and it get stuffy. Our building is one of the older ones at Tysons Corner. If it isn't the AC it is the elevators.

George Carlin Talks About Stuff

Just one of my favorites!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stimulus minus $79.79

OK, I went for the fun part first. So I have spent $79.79 total. After much searching the net and googling MP3 players good for audio books I found this. The Creative 2GB MuVo V100 MP3 Player, in Pink & the Belkin Tunecast II so I can listen in the car. I only listen to audio books in the car. I do not listen to music unless I do not have a book. I do not jog or go to the gym. After talking to people and reading the most important feature I needed was that the player keep my place in the book when I stopped. I started with comments I found that recommended this player then went to this site. That is how I found out about the Belkin as that had to be part of the package. I then went to this site for a review. I'll try it and if it does not meet my requirements for the books it will be an easy return to any Walmart. Since I listen in the car the Tunecast was most important. I was working backward in my search so I could find the right item to listen in the car. So that should be a keeper. I'll post a review when I get it and play with it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Forever 9 to Five

I have just finished! I have been decreasing the toe for two days now! At the same time I realize that in just a few rows I will have nothing OTN! So I am going to figure that one out and pull all my felted bags out and start finishing them! I received my stimulus check on Friday. Here is a list of things I need to do with it, plus things I want to get
  1. Get a MRI $150

  2. Pay off Best Buy card $300

  3. Get a new cell phone--free but I then need to get extra chargers. $30

  4. Get a Blackberry for $49 and spend too much a month for bells & whistles I do not need.

  5. MP3 Player to download audio books from the public library and save some money buying them. Need to learn and better understanding how that works.

  6. Really want and Ipod

  7. Need sundries; paper towels, TP, Brita water filters; --trip to COSTCO-that a good $100

  8. Savings

I don't know how to cross out copy in blogger so I know that I am doing 1, 2, 7 & 8 for sure.

I have decided to join. Whiskers on Wednesday . Check it out. They are having a shout out contest!

I sure wish I could come out smaller!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Movies, TV & some knitting

Not much happening around here. Work & Sleep. I do get to sit in traffic for about 2 hours a day and I get to knit when I finally relax in front of the TV. Last night I watch Juno. Cute. Sunday it was Ratatouille. Again, cute movie. Can't wait for July when the cable shows start another season. Burn Notice, Law and Order Criminal Intent has started. I can watch any L&O show over and over. The Closer is also starting on 7/14.

I am now on the foot of my 9 to 5 sock. I should finish up this weekend. Then what to do? I have stacks of patterns I would like to try. I think I will get something simple on the needles and get to work on finishing up some of my felted bags. I have tried to cut my computer time down which has gotten me so behind in my blog reading. I keep track through Google reader and right now I have over 300 posts to catch up on. There are so many interesting people who blog and I have about 10 people I keep in touch with. Many I lurk, others are yarn shop blogs or how toos. Then when I read everyone has someone else that they post about and I follow that link and then get lost in reading. You all know the drill!

Our weather has been up & down. Storms come in fast then cool, then super hot. We have been very lucky and watching the floods along Iowa is just so overwhelming to see.

I leave you with a little movie. I was watching Zorro's tail and knew something was going to happen. the boy does not disappoint.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Knit, Knit, Kung Fu

I am still. slowly working on sock #2. Everything is so tight. Do not know if it is me or the yarn + needle.

It is hot here. No Winter, short spring and looks like we are going straight to summer. I am staying inside.

In the past 10 days I have attended one bridal shower and one baby shower. We have two more bridal showers coming up within the next month.

This past Saturday, I went to "Saturday at the Movies" a fundraiser for the Ashley Fister Cole Foundation and saw Kung Fu Panda. Cute but I would wait for it to come out on DVD.

Well, I'm not 62 but this sure tells you how I feel.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wonderful PIF!

I received my PIF gift from The Knitorious Mrs B. This is my very first hand knit wash cloth. What a surprise to receive a package in my mail box that was not junk mail. Mrs B also sent me tea for a good cuppa and a darling little flower candle. Thank you so very much!!

I am still working on the first sock of my 9 to 5 pattern. I am knitting this really tight. I think it is the yarn that is dictating this. I have used the same needle size and pattern for Robin's sock am I know it was not like this. I have about 20 rows to finish the tow and then cast on the second.

Two weeks ago I started posting and selling some of my many audio books. You can find me as seller kseeglass here if your interested in audio books. I could not drive without a book. In the Metro Washington DC area and traveling on the Beltway it is what keeps me sane.

Here are some pictures from my garden. This is my Clematis Jackmanii purple. It is not doing as well this year as years past but it sure is pretty. Some of the blooms are as big as my hand spread out.

My Columbine is incredible! This is the largest it has ever been and it has been blooming for weeks and does not look like it is going away anytime soon.

The video is just what it sounded like Saturday morning. I was the only person around and awake in the neighborhood. No kids! But that damn Mockingbird or is it a Blue Jay? goes on for hours at a time. Non-stop. He sits at the very top of the Weeping Willow.