Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sissy spinning and an empty box

It took almost two week to get a video of Sissy doing her favorite thing. Every time I sat down with the camera she would look at me and then walk off.

Then I tried something that Nicole Knerq did with an empty box. I won't bore you will all the out takes. Need to find out what I need to edit these videos. 3 of the 4 cats immediately either got in or checked it out.

I have been knitting up the Shape it Scarf using the yarn show in this post and will be finished if I ever got off the computer!

I also just purchased Nicole's new pattern Chained Melody socks. It is going OTN today.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

See it and weep...

Here is my first and last attempt (for now) at lace.
I installed a new computer this weekend and Pia found a perfect way to use the old one. I'm telling you this girl is still in denial that she does not have the same figure she had at 6 months!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

FO-Baby Hats and no lace

I ripped out the lace for the 7th time. I was using the only pair I had on hand Clovers and was having trouble. So I stopped by my LYS Uniquities and brought some size 4 circulars for lace. I WILL cast on one more time.

In the meantime, my BFF 2nd daughter had a beautiful girl last week. When I knit a couple of hats for their son Leon who was born 18 months ago they were too big and Mom told me that he was finally able to wear one of them now. So this time I made one for Annalise and it is too small! When I was at the LYS I saw a hat made with Artful Yarns Candy Dots with the pattern on the ball band. So Friday night I cast on and finished it yesterday. It is too big. So I'm giving it another try. I am almost finished with the 2nd hat, different yarn. I'll post a picture when that is finished. Once that is done I will go back to the lace scarf.
makes a great beenie
while this post is dated Saturday, I am finishing it today Monday the 18th. I am home with a killer cold. This picture is Zorro and Sissy napping. Can't see Sissy? She is the lump under the comforter.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Camera!

I have been shopping around for a new camera. As soon as I saw this one and the features it has I had to have it. It is the Fujifilm FinePix z100fd here is a review .The pictures above were all taken with a different setting. What I really liked was you slide the front cover to turn it on. With my Nikon I always shut the camera off when I was trying to take a picture.

Here are some other ramdom shots.

using the flower setting

check out my Liz Claiborne camera case, I just couldn't resist

this is Sissy at the end of the dark hallway, no flash, called suppressed flash, camera chooses the exposure

I started a lace scarf this week and have ripped it out 6 times. One more try and that will be that. Only 51 stitches and 4 row repeat but somewhere I keep screwing it up. If I have success today I'll post a picture. I was hoping to have something for this post but...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another pair of socks finished

Here are my 1st pair knit at the same time with magic loop method. I used Size 1 Addi, Yarn: Knit Picks Essential Tweed-Plum. Back in December I ordered the Sock Sampler in Cool Colors.

Other than the snafu I had yesterday dropping a stitch these were an easy knit. Did a simple k2p2. cast on 72 stitches.
I was up at 4:30 this morning and started laundry and cleaning up. Had let the cleaning go these past two weeks. In between loads of laundry I cast on another preemie hat. This will be a gift for my BFF 2nd daughters 2nd baby. I was done by noon. The pattern is from the Knitting 08 calendar January 3rd. Called Cabled Baby Hats. I did the five cable hat but messed up and only did 4 cables. Used an #3 Clover 36". Here is is being modled on my Miss Revlon doll. She has been with me since I was 10 or 11 years old.

Here are two of my purchases from Knitting at the Lake 2008. Robin's Dad make baskets. What talent this family has.
This is the yarn kit I brought from Mary Jane, from Unraveled. She put this kit together to knit from Sally Melville's Knit Book, which I happened to own, "Shape it Scarf". Mary Jane also figured out the yardage for the Ladder Scarf that Kati had made. Somewhere there is a picture of her on someones blog for the life of me I can not find it. So I need to figure out which one to make.
In addition to L have another baby, The Ashley Fister Cole Foundation will have an auction that I need to knit something for. Ashley was the daughter of a dear friend and co-worker. One of their events is coming up soon. Morning at the Movies. J told me what the movie was but I forgot. In the past 5 years it has been at the Merrifield Multiplex. If you live in No Va you must attend. It is a blast, the kids have always been well behaved. We have the theatre to our selves.

well, have to go and watch the three Lost shows the had this past week.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Longest toe

I started these socks on Jauraury 18 to take with me on the Knitters Retreat 08. I needed something simple so I could talk & knit. They are basic sock pattern knit on magic loop two together. Cast on 72 stitches, 36 on each needle x 2 socks. Pattern is plain old k2, p2.

I completed the leg of each at the retreat. Last weekend I did the heal flap, gusset and the rest of the foot. I figured I would have the toe decreases completed on Monday. Not.

By the time I would get home from work and do what you do when you get home it would be 8 when I would settle down to knit. Monday I got a couple of rounds down and was so tired I put it down and went to sleep.

The same thing happened, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Friday would be it! When I packed away my socks on Thurday I was not careful so on Friday a couple of stitches slipped off. Pain. Fixed it and finally completed the toe of sock 1 using the Kitchner stitch. Now onto sock two. Done. Then I found out I did not pick up a stitch! So know I'm trying to pull out the kitchnerand rip back. Done.So now it is Saturday morning and this is what I have. I will be picking up the stitches to get them back on the needle. Lets see how long this will take. Pain!