Saturday, August 22, 2009


I always wanted to go there. I remember making Tinkerbell well as a kid. Now that I am no longer that young (but I am still a kid at heart) I will share what has been going on.

I started Knitting the back panel of Hey, Teach on 6/21/09. I got to the armhole decreases on 7/9/09. I had some much trouble with row 7. Designer should point this out and give us a heads up on how to work it. I have ripped out, tinked back so much that I could have made a dozens of these!!
Detail of Pattern

The back completed

I knit the front & back panels up to where the pattern starts. This went well. I then started the left front. That too caused me so much trouble. I understood the pattern. I could see where I screwed up and would tink back. This should have taken me hours to do. Maybe not at one sitting but over a few night or over a weekend. NOT! I tinked this more than the back. I finally completed the last 5 rows Sunday 8/16/09. After binding off the left front I put the left front back on the needles. Counted my stitches, like a good girl should. I am making the largest size so I should have 61 stitches. I had 57! So ribbit! I ended the night casting on the 61 stitches and went to sleep. Or so I thought
I had a sleepless night on Monday and went to work and got home without sleeping for 38 hours. I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia for over 25 years. I did my regular nighttime(checked emails, faceb00k and played bejeweled) routine then took my night time pills around 8 pm and had a great nights sleep. I woke up Tuesday feeling better than I have in a long time. Work has been busy-crazy. Well, Tuesday was a rare day and the rest of the week I dealt with the pain that comes and goes in different parts of the body.
to be continued


Channon said...

This pattern is in my queue, but I'm thinking there are similar patterns that might be easier to follow...

Sleep is elusive around here too. The Knight is still snoring after another rough day/night at the firehouse, and I would like to nap, but Gretchen says she was people-less far too long yesterday, so I must pay for my sins.

Rachel said...

Sorry that you are having such a problem with the top. Although from what I can see it looks great so far!

Also sorry to hear you had some sleepless nights from pain...I hope you find some relief soon!

Anita said...

Well, it looks great! I hate it has been so much trouble. You are better than me, I would have given up & frogged it for another project. :)

picperfic said...

Oh but it is going to be lovely right? I am struggling with sleep at the moment and walk round with a constant tired head at the moment. Glad you feel better!

Josee said...

I finished this pattern last September for a friend's birthday gift. It is well worth the effort when it is done. It makes a lovely top! Don't give up.