Thursday, July 9, 2009

1st post with email-

6/29/09-This is my first posting using my email. I have set up the setting to save as draft. 7/9/09-I am finally posting it!

This is some fabric that I won from Melissa Morgan Oakes. It is something I received as a runner up 'famous' Lexie Barnes fabric giveaway. I won this back in April. That is how far I am behind in keeping up with my blog and you, my readers.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Special News Alert-----KSee Abducted

This reporter (msknitnohow) just finished an interview with KSee. I felt it was important to report to her family and friends how & why she was abducted. To explain why she has not read 402 posts on g00gle reader, read her normal email and try to keep up with Facebook.

She stopped spending time on the computer. She fed her 4 cats, yes 4! Got the junk mail, undressed and sat down and would pick up where she last left off. This thing had taken over her life. I asked if this object would even let her sleep and go to work. KSee responded "Yes, but not by choice. My life is no longer my own"

She said "it all started late in the evening of June 20, 2009". She started a swatch which was finished early the next morning. She then cast on 125 stitches, knit 4 rows of 1 x 1 ribbing. For the next few nights she was obsessed, this would be the one. She knit in stockinette st until her project measured 8 inches. Her every waking moment went into working on this object. There was one decrease row which left her with only 115 sts. KSee was able to successfully knit 8 rows of 1 x 1 ribbing.

The following weekend 6/27 found KSee attached, absorbed in this project. Now it was time to start the lace part of this object. She showed me the pattern and tells me "it is very simple pattern, 8 repeats with twelve rows per pattern". As I am (msknitnohow) clueless, I just nodded as I was afraid that she would loose it if I told her the truth, I have no freaking idea what she is doing. All I see is little boxes with strange symbols. I'm just sent out on assignments. What do I know?

That was when it became a serious problem. She told me "I don't even want to stop to eat or pee!" Now people, this woman has a very big problem. As I sit here looking at her, I see that she could stand to stop eating but peeing-- now that is something even I do not want to picture. I feel like I should call in a mediator, but for what, I wonder. Does she need a shrink? She has a mentor at her office who accomplished this project in less than 10 days. I let it go at that.

As of today (12 days and counting) she has ripped out, tinked back and made every mistake that could be made. Over and over again, no less that 6 times, all this past week. KSee tells me that this will not get the better of her. She plans on persevering. "FGS, how difficult can 8 repeats be."

At this time we take a break. KSee comes back with the abductor. She shows me that she is back to the ribbing. Some how she ended up with 116 stitches last night, on the 1st row of the pattern. That was when sleep took over.

This reporter will certainly keep in touch with KSee and will report back to you how things fair. This is so serious that I believe that I can convince my editor to bring a photographer with me on my next visit. Oh, BTW when she showed me the object I had no idea what it was.
to be continued