Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Last night, Zorro recuperating
Pia really wanting her spot back, but since Zorro has been hurt this is his convalescing bed and she is letting him have it.Sissy taking over the heating pad because I and up. When I return to knitting, she will leave and get on the back of the couch. I get up she get down in my spot, I could do this all night, up and down. She is too funny.
now I will unwind and knit on my sock

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm addicted to socks.

I can't stop myself. I want to knit other things but I can't help myself! I have such lovely sock yarn that I have to knit it up. I know I could use the same yarn for something else but I find knitting socks so satisfying. I love the process. Thing is you would think after making so many pairs in a row that I would not have to spend time ripping and tinking back. I just loose myself. Here is the start of my Graffiti socks
The Rocky Roads as a pair.
Zorro Update

After getting me all worked up yesterday morning and staying hidden all morning, he came out for dinner last night and this morning. Last night he got on the back of the couch to get close to Sissy. She licked him a few times and then he settled down. He spent the night with us watching TV.

Last year I had a problem with Stanley and his leg. He had a gash but let me doctor him and his is OK. Since Zorro is not hiding out and eating and drinking and wanting love I am going to give him a better exam this evening. Now get this. I have kept Stanley in all weekend and after dinner tonight, he limps away! I'll check him out too.
As I sit here and write Zorro just stopped by. I was able to touch his feet but when I got to his elbow he meowed. Swelling has gone down since yesterday. I'll keep a watch and feel the situation out.

This is the way I feel about what the boys are doing. Using up their lives!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Zorro update

Well, after looking everywhere and running the vacuum and taking a dust mop under most to the furniture, Zorro showed up. There was one corner under the entertainment unit and where Pia was facing. As that was the only place I did not look it was a good bet that he was there. I went out side and when I came back in he was looking to get out. He then backed off so I went and got a bowl of food for him. He was interested but backed up. There is something wrong with his right leg. He went back into my bedroom where I have locked him in. Last I checked he was on the bed. He let me pet him and when I touched his leg he hissed. OK, enough for now. I'll be getting a better look later on. Vet appointment tomorrow.

dum de dum Rocky Road done

OK poor attempt a the Rocky theme but I finished the 2nd Rocky Road sock yesterday morning. Knitting the magic loop on a 24" size 1 addi is perfect. I have already cast on another sock with the same needle. I am using Amanda's NH Knitting Mama Graffiti that I won in her contest.

I worked in the garden yesterday morning, still weeding out the vinca vine. It rained last night and it looks like everything grew a foot overnight.

Something is wrong with Zorro. He came home late Friday night at bedtime. I go to sleep. The next morning I get up with Sissy help, this girl just won't let me sleep in. I get to the kitchen put the food down, Stanley was out all night so he comes in. No Zorro.

Since he did not run in with the girls and it was early (CRS), I figured he was out. So I go out to call for him. No Zorro. I take my coffee to sit on the couch to read the Sunday paper and there is Zorro on the chair opposite me. I go to him and he runs off. I follow and he hides. I find him later sleeping in a up turned cat carrier, that should have been put up in the attic 3 years ago. He goes to bolt but I get him and do a body check. He is skittish but lets me love and pet on him. He purrs. I put him on my bed. I am able to check him out. No cuts or bruises. He is just wary. I brush him and she stretches out and loves it. All in limbs seem to be OK. I then I leave him to rest. He spends the day on the bed.
At 6pm I am reminded by Pia that it is pass dinner time. So I go through the feeding routine. Call for Zorro. He shows up but does not want to eat with the others so I bring his bowl to him. He eats. Good sign. He then goes back to bed. I know he has used the litter box since he is the only one that has to scratch to pad to the point of turning it over. This morning no Zorro.
99% of my furniture are hiding places. I can no longer get down on my knees and search like I once was able to. So I keep calling him and will be searching for him all day.

Fun and Interesting Sites
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For my Friends that cook. Baker’s Sto ’n’ Go or Sticky Fingers

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Everyone needs a little help from time to time. This is a hoot.

Stinky Feet?
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Leftie: Whoa, heel buddy. Talk to me.
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Good Causes
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back on the needles!!

Thank goodness for DVR. Last night I was able to watch the 1st new episode of Bones while I put my stitches back on the needle. Took my nighttime pill and I hit the pillow at 10. Tonight I start the decreases again.

Robin presented her Mom a early Mothers Day present. Isn't that shawl like beyond gorgeous!
Head on over to The Written Word for a chance to win Comfort Food a new book from Kate Jacobs. I want to read her book, The Friday Night Knitting Club. I just ordered the Audio book.

Then check out The Craft Gossip Blog Network they are having a giveaway for Noni’s Patterns, Angelika’s Yarn Store and Lacis Museum of Lace & Textiles are supplying everything you need to complete one of these adorable “Three Confections” bags.
Leaving for work I took these two shots. Pia in the cubby of the cat tree
Sissy is the SPOT that Pia made

4/23/08- I started this yesterday morning but you all know google!
OK, I'm now back on track. I finished all the decreases while watching American Idol. We are playing at work with all departments and I gave up watching but last night they sang Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, I LOVE ALL HIS WORK. Syesha knocked it out of the park. I think David Archuleta is the most talented and when you "watching" TV while knitting you tend to listen more than watch, at least I do. This kid takes any song and makes it his own. While I think he is the most talented of the group I fear David Cook will win. Jason is going tonight.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rocky Road Sock 2 down and down

I took the day off Friday to get my PT Cruiser serviced-- oil changed, state inspection and checked out the AC. That was $235.00! Since I was only 5 miles from a LYS, I decided to FINALLY make it to Knit Happens in Old Town Alexandria. I finally found where they were but finding parking was a bitch, plus I did not have any cash on me. So I went down the street to Trader Joe's so I could 1) get some food 2) pee 3) get cash back in case I had to pay for parking in a lot. After several turns around the block I got a metered space and then only had enough change for 36 minutes! I walked up a block and had to make it a quick visit. I made the circuit around the shop and ended up in the sock room. I could not put down this skein of Misti Alpaca Sock yarn in Miriam- it is to dye for!!
When I got home I searched online and found this swatch. My skein looks just like the picture above, much lighter than the swatch.Saturday morning I worked in my garden, using a pitch fork to turn the soil to get out weeds and a vinca plant that is taking over. I left piles to dry out so I could save as much soil as I could. Sunday I would finish up. Work up Sunday to rain and it has been raining all day today and they are calling for more tomorrow.

This is my Columbine. It will have light yellow flowers. This plant seems so tender but it does not die back in the winter. Go figure.
This is a close up of my Japanese Red Maple. I brought this for $3.00 about 15 years ago. What did I have to lose? It is about 5' high and is beautiful.
I have been working on Rocky Road sock #2 all last week. I had to tink back quite a few times after I turn the heel. As I worked the decreases I would keep knitting the k2.p2 on the bottom, tink back to where I messed up. Then I couldn't remember if I had decreased the last two stitches so I tried to see if I did. Then I couldn't figure it out so I tinked back another row, then another. I spent my knitting time Saturday getting back on track. Yesterday I was finally at even stitches on each needle. Well, I showed the sock to my friend Carol this morning at work and look what I found.
This is a MF dropped stitch. No nice way to say it. This sucks big time. So I frogged that GD thing. So here I am tonight. I will try and get it back on the needles tonight. I hope, the stitches are so tiny.
I will leave you with a picture of Stanley watching me work in the garden Saturday.

Now excuse me while I go fix the damned sock!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rocky Road Sock 1 down

I finished sock #1 yesterday and have started the second one. This time I'm using a Size 1 24" to knit the magic loop. This yarn is so soft. I just love it. You can find more of Bubbleknits yarn at her Etsy store Alabama Fiber Dreams.

Not much else has happened around here, which is good news. So just a quick update.
Here is Zorro kicking back yesterday. Pia made the cushion plump down and now everyone has had there stay in this place.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Funny Wednesday

I've turned the heel on my Rocky Road sock #1, so nothing exciting on the knitting front.
I joined Nexflix about a month ago going for the lowest plan. I get 1 DVD at a time. Perfect for me, I receive one on Wednesday & the 2nd on Saturday. Last night I watch Layer Cake. I love Daniel Craig. You have to check out the trailer. All I can say about this movie is watch it and do not blink! Last week I saw his James Bond Casino Royal. I enjoyed it. Thought they did a great job with the transition. I grew up with the original Bond movies. I still love Sean Connery, and boy did he grow into a sexy older man.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

This and That

The past week was a busy one at work. I was so exhausted when I go home that I had trouble keeping awake and functioning properly. So today I am giving you links for interesting and miscellaneous stuff.

I started a pair of socks using my new Rocky Road yarn. I cast on 72 stitches and after two inches it seemed too small. I also tried a couple of patterns but they were completely lost in the colorway. Friday night I started again and cast on 80 stitches doing a basic k2p2 rib.
You must check out Donna's, Random Knits, finished Hyrna Herborgar. It is stunning.
Denise, Jejune's Place, finished her Ice Queen. Love it!!
Karen, Yarn is my Metier, had a tour of Lorna Laces and she didn't buy a thing! What restraint.
Gina, Sleepy Eyes Knitting, finished two but please check out the The Phiaro Scarf. I have this tagged but after reading her notes I am putting it way back on the list.
Bea, Baa, Baa Black Sheep finished her Plane Socks. I want to try the garter heal. (Her contest is over. So if you entered good luck to you)
Monica over at Passion Knits finished up a pair of Mad Color Weave socks. Love the color.
Cinnamon Girl has a new addition in the family. No contest but you can help her decide on a name.

April is Autism Awareness Month. I worked for 8 years in a sheltered workshop. Unfortunately, many of the clients we had were older and the medical advances that we have now and/or the awareness we have were not available when they were young. I'm speaking of 40 years and older. We did have younger clients come into our program who had been mainstreamed into the school system. Anyhow, Sharon is raising money for her walk in September, if you can help her out. Her page is here. Her goal is $250 and she is just past the half way mark.

April 10th is ASPCA Day. Go to Nicole's at Lap Dog Creations page for her contest. I DVR Oprah and this show was nothing new to me but I want to get the word out. Please do not buy your puppies from a pet store. (Here is a link to Pet store Cruelty). Here is the Oprah show that was on this week and puppy mills and they also mention buying puppies from the Internet. Please, if you did not see it take a few minutes to watch. My state of Virginia has puppy mills. 980 puppies and adults were rescued last November. Read this article, people are giving up their pets as they can't afford them as they are loosing their homes. Our government says were aren't in a depression! but all these stories are depressing.

Amanda at Modest Purls is having a Color Celebration contest.

It is Sherriknits BlogGIVErsary and she is having contest.

For something random. I saw the ad for this Movie in our local Senior citizens newspaper. I tried to get the image but could only give you this link. So, knitting is for old people! You will need Flash to view the intro to see what I'm talking about but if you don't you can go here.

this was my view leaving for work at 6:44 Friday morning. The morning are getting lighter

One last thing

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Men willl be Men

I was posting last night when Charlie Gibson of ABC News had this report on how men can show you one side of them while hiding the other. You need to see this and learn. Share this with your girls as they may learn something early!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FO-Chain Melody Socks

I finished these up Sunday night. I used my new Kitchener Stitch dog tags to finish up the toes and they came out perfect. Which I purchased at The Loopy Ewe. This also the first time using my sock blocker to show off my socks. Just figured out that this is my third pair for this year. When I posted I'm Loopy I did not include the picture of my purchase. (I know I did, I sure but?) So for your viewing pleasure.

I woke up yesterday morning tired and by the time I got home from work I was a walking zombie. I went through some magazines and was asleep at 8:00. I did wind up my Rocky Road yarn. I was going to knit up the Clapotis but after receiving this yarn I am going to knit another pair of socks. These will be done 1 at a time with 40" addi as I am not going to take the time to split it up to knit two at a time.

Yarn: Knits Picks Gloss; Colorway: Woodland Sage; needle 40" #1 addi; Pattern: Nicole Hindes Chain Melody and on Ravelry

My Cherry Trees this evening