Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back on the needles!!

Thank goodness for DVR. Last night I was able to watch the 1st new episode of Bones while I put my stitches back on the needle. Took my nighttime pill and I hit the pillow at 10. Tonight I start the decreases again.

Robin presented her Mom a early Mothers Day present. Isn't that shawl like beyond gorgeous!
Head on over to The Written Word for a chance to win Comfort Food a new book from Kate Jacobs. I want to read her book, The Friday Night Knitting Club. I just ordered the Audio book.

Then check out The Craft Gossip Blog Network they are having a giveaway for Noni’s Patterns, Angelika’s Yarn Store and Lacis Museum of Lace & Textiles are supplying everything you need to complete one of these adorable “Three Confections” bags.
Leaving for work I took these two shots. Pia in the cubby of the cat tree
Sissy is the SPOT that Pia made

4/23/08- I started this yesterday morning but you all know google!
OK, I'm now back on track. I finished all the decreases while watching American Idol. We are playing at work with all departments and I gave up watching but last night they sang Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, I LOVE ALL HIS WORK. Syesha knocked it out of the park. I think David Archuleta is the most talented and when you "watching" TV while knitting you tend to listen more than watch, at least I do. This kid takes any song and makes it his own. While I think he is the most talented of the group I fear David Cook will win. Jason is going tonight.

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Lynn said...

We only WISH Jason was gone on Wed!!! How that boy is still there I have no idea, even with cute eyes. There is always one person that amazes me how long they stick around. Can you say Sanjaya?!? I was VERY disappointed that Carly left and can't believe that Syesha was in the bottom two. She did FANTASTIC! I really like both Davids, but think Archuleta would make a better Idol. Let Cook go on to do his thing like Daughtry did (another one that I really liked).