Monday, January 26, 2009

1st yarn of 2009

I made my 1st yarn purchase for 2009. As we all know sock yarn does not count as stash. Lorna's Laces - Shepherd Sock - '09 Jan. - New Years Lights. I would start a sock for the Knitting on the Lake retreat.So I wound it up and then pulled out the under the bed (really it is under the couch) storage container to see what other sock yarn I needed to wind up. This was just in case I did not use the Lorna Laces. It is a fingering weight and I have never used that light a weight before.
So here it all is. I ended up taking the Lorna Laces with me and Misty Mountain Farm Jubilee- Crimson Tide. Next post will be about the KOTL 09, I promise.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stash almost under control

hah! Had you fooled too! I pulled everything that was piled in the entrance of my former stained glass studio back on my 4 days off on New Years weekend.

Well, I have moved all this around (a few times) but have not sorted through it all yet so it is still in this general area. Have to have your priorities in place. Knit the first pair of socks of the year and catch up on all the weeks TV that I DVR. Of course, there is cleaning and laundry thrown in for the weekends. During the week I am just too tired to tackle it. As much as I would love have all the lovely colors displayed I need to keep my yarn under cover. With 4 cats and lots of hair it is much better choice. As it is-- all my projects have a hair or two that I might have missed when knitting. I pulled all my stained glass books from this unit. Now I have another tub of books that I need to deal with. In the mean time Sissy thinks this is a great new hidey hole.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last two FO of 2008

When I showed my Dolores Park Cowl to my supervisor, she asked if I could knit one for her that was longer so she could wear it on January 20th when she went to the Mall. She is a DC resident and with all the bridges closed--all DC was on lock down. As it turned out she and her hubby decided to stay at home and watch in their jammies. That wins my vote!

Well, I stayed home for 4 days New Year weekend in my jammies and made the cowl and preemie hat.

To make the cowl longer I played it off the cuff. I think I added a few rows before the first increase, 2 or 4 more before the next increase. As I knit on and as it got near the end, I would try it on. I added more. This is the first time I have modified a pattern and in hindsight, I would add all my extra rows at the bottom before the increase, duh! where I needed them. As it turned out it with this yarn it was more "open" near the face so I crochet a ribbon "yarn" held doubled to make a draw string. That too I would change, I would decrease at least to the original cast on count. I took in to work about 5 skeins of yarn for P to choose from and she picked a skein of Hand Dyed Yarn that I received in my one and only swap. I received two skeins, 150 yds each that originally came from Simply fibers ltd. The yarn was great to work with. I have some left over but know sure how much but will figure it out and see if I can make something else. Too much to just leave in stash.

Here is my Miss Revlon (this site has the best info on my doll) doll wearing the preemie hat for the Knitting Retreat (more on that later). She is also wearing a ice skating outfit my Nana made for her around 1957. She is 18" tall and has a waist that swivel's shown posing below . My Nana was born in England and I know back in those days no one really "taught" knitting except by passing it down. She did this without a pattern and one who is now always knitting but by pattern only I am impressed by the details.

I am trying to catch up with all I want to share so lets see how far I get this weekend.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Gifts Given and Received

I finally have pictures to show you of gifts I gave and received on Hanukkah, we had on Christmas Eve and Christmas presents given.

This is the Dolores Park Cowl I gave my mom. I used Berroco Air (ravelry link) that I had in my stash. It is a discontinued yarn. It was a quick knit that I found when reading FluffyKnitterDeb. This was made following the directions to a t. It took just a bit from the 2nd skein so I figured to make another but it is about 2" smaller. Still works as a neck warmer and can be pulled up to cover your head. mom thought it was great. The only place she goes out is to the mailbox so this works out great for the walk.
This is the scarf from the pattern "A Touch of Lace" scarfs. I love it!!!! The yarn I used I brought at Tuesday Morning. Went to two stores near my home and brought up every skein. It is Laines Du Nord Cashsilk, 67 yrs, I used 4 Skeins until I ran out.Great for a beginner lace person, like me. Working with this weight of yarn help so much. It is just the softest thing to wear. The color is more like a combo of light mauve/peachy. Try this one you will like it. It was my gift to my BFF of 39 yrs. I also gave her a huge bag hair products from our Upscale salons. Prive and too many to remember. Also included was hair brushes. I made smaller bags for her two Daughters.

Detail Plus the fingerless gloves to match
Remember this hat? I made it for Hannah. My BFF, oldest Grand-Daughter. She is 10. With left over yarn from the hat plus another skein I was able to fine I also made her a neck warmer. No pattern and it is sort of loose but she LOVED them. The fingerless gloves were the biggest hit, all the rage now, ya know.
My BFF, gave me THIS! A Dooney & Bourke hand bag. I look at these and Coach but they are out of my confort price limit. It will put away for special occasions
Here is the bag shown with my wallet. That is all that would fit into it.

She also gave me this book, that was on my wish list. Knitting from Cuff to Cuff.

This scarf is going to my Sister in New York. I started with elsebeth lavold Silky Cashmere Color Wine (another Tuesday Morning find, brought up all those too!) It is actually on the list as the 2nd thing I made for 2009

I received gift cards for Traders Joe, Barnes and Noble. L daughter #two gave me this calendar that I keep at work. I have to say I've had this calendar for 2007 & last year and was very disappointed with 2008 because they would include a pattern that would take three days. I want one for each day. This is the last year I am getting this calendar. I would look at the Stitch of Day or even the Yarn Harlot's new and 1st one.

I am leaving to day for the Knitting Retreat at the Lake. I'll be back Sunday and post more next week.

Friday, January 9, 2009

FO- One of the last of 2008

I have not had time to take picture yet of a few other small items I did in December and had been putting off posting until I did so I will start with this one. I am trying to stash bust so looked at this skein and found the perfect pattern. This was on sale at AC Mo0re and they only had two skeins, one was all falling apart so I brought the good one. It has been in stash for quite a while. I tried a couple of things with it is the Ravelry link of this wool in stash. As you can see just starting with the 1st few entries many people are will to sell or trade.I think I found the most perfect and simple pattern for this yarn it come from the Yarn Harlot. Here is the Ravelry link. It is free! I just followed the pattern.

Yarn: Magallanes hand dyed by Araucania Yarns-100% wool
Needles: Oh, I think I used Sized 7 circulars
Pattern: One Row Hand spun scarf
Dimension: 5" x 56"

I hope the detail shows you how well this translated to this pattern. If you look at the skein at the top you can see it is lots of skinny and fat parts. I just plug along and it was PERFECT! I am really happy to have used a skein from stash and have something I can wear.
On, another note: Where in the world did the 1st week of the New Year go! Is the Earth spinning faster!
I'll be busy this weekend cleaning house, trying to make a name tag and cast on something for next weekend. It is one week away from Robin's 2008 Knitting Retreat, here are pictures from last years Retreat. C is going with me once again.
I have more to share and I'll see how far I get this weekend and try to post again.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

WoW- How we spent the 25th of December 2008

I'll let the video speak for itself.

I've now had girls Sissy and Pia 3 years which I adopted from Metro Ferals and the boys Zorro and Stanley 2 years. As you may remember the boys were born across the street around June 2006 and trapped by Alley Cat Allies around November 2006, their first winter of '06 the stayed on my patio and I provided cover. Zorro was easy to get to know and then pick up, I would feed them outside and the girls, who never go out, inside. Now everyone eats inside. The boys still go out for awhile but have found out that being inside is a better life.