Friday, January 9, 2009

FO- One of the last of 2008

I have not had time to take picture yet of a few other small items I did in December and had been putting off posting until I did so I will start with this one. I am trying to stash bust so looked at this skein and found the perfect pattern. This was on sale at AC Mo0re and they only had two skeins, one was all falling apart so I brought the good one. It has been in stash for quite a while. I tried a couple of things with it is the Ravelry link of this wool in stash. As you can see just starting with the 1st few entries many people are will to sell or trade.I think I found the most perfect and simple pattern for this yarn it come from the Yarn Harlot. Here is the Ravelry link. It is free! I just followed the pattern.

Yarn: Magallanes hand dyed by Araucania Yarns-100% wool
Needles: Oh, I think I used Sized 7 circulars
Pattern: One Row Hand spun scarf
Dimension: 5" x 56"

I hope the detail shows you how well this translated to this pattern. If you look at the skein at the top you can see it is lots of skinny and fat parts. I just plug along and it was PERFECT! I am really happy to have used a skein from stash and have something I can wear.
On, another note: Where in the world did the 1st week of the New Year go! Is the Earth spinning faster!
I'll be busy this weekend cleaning house, trying to make a name tag and cast on something for next weekend. It is one week away from Robin's 2008 Knitting Retreat, here are pictures from last years Retreat. C is going with me once again.
I have more to share and I'll see how far I get this weekend and try to post again.


Lynn said...

I LOVE that pattern! Great finished look to it and VERY easy to remember.

Great scarf!

Channon said...

Don't you love it when the right yarn meets the right pattern?!

Looking forward to meeting you next weekend!

Jejune said...

I made one of those scarves a few years ago, they are brilliant, look so effective, interesting to knit, and easy to remember! Your version is lovely :)

mochaxlight said...

I've been dying to try that pattern. I have such yarn envy. *drools*

Anita said...

The scarf turned out lovely!! That yarn is gorgeous.

Hope you have fun next weekend!! Sure wish I could be there too! :(