Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last two FO of 2008

When I showed my Dolores Park Cowl to my supervisor, she asked if I could knit one for her that was longer so she could wear it on January 20th when she went to the Mall. She is a DC resident and with all the bridges closed--all DC was on lock down. As it turned out she and her hubby decided to stay at home and watch in their jammies. That wins my vote!

Well, I stayed home for 4 days New Year weekend in my jammies and made the cowl and preemie hat.

To make the cowl longer I played it off the cuff. I think I added a few rows before the first increase, 2 or 4 more before the next increase. As I knit on and as it got near the end, I would try it on. I added more. This is the first time I have modified a pattern and in hindsight, I would add all my extra rows at the bottom before the increase, duh! where I needed them. As it turned out it with this yarn it was more "open" near the face so I crochet a ribbon "yarn" held doubled to make a draw string. That too I would change, I would decrease at least to the original cast on count. I took in to work about 5 skeins of yarn for P to choose from and she picked a skein of Hand Dyed Yarn that I received in my one and only swap. I received two skeins, 150 yds each that originally came from Simply fibers ltd. The yarn was great to work with. I have some left over but know sure how much but will figure it out and see if I can make something else. Too much to just leave in stash.

Here is my Miss Revlon (this site has the best info on my doll) doll wearing the preemie hat for the Knitting Retreat (more on that later). She is also wearing a ice skating outfit my Nana made for her around 1957. She is 18" tall and has a waist that swivel's shown posing below . My Nana was born in England and I know back in those days no one really "taught" knitting except by passing it down. She did this without a pattern and one who is now always knitting but by pattern only I am impressed by the details.

I am trying to catch up with all I want to share so lets see how far I get this weekend.

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Channon said...

Love the Nana outfit. What a treasure! Sorry I missed meeting you last weekend.