Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two FO--BSJ #1 and 2

I decided BSJ #2 was for for Juliet, my sisters new grand-daughter, plus I would use up the white I had left from BSJ #1.

I made #1 one for Annalise, which I hope fits her. I have not see her since July 4th so we will see.

Back detail

Juliet's sweater

Back detail, you can see the row of back fullness stitches here
close up

Believe it or not I am almost finished with #3. I started it on Friday and last night finished the 90 stitches across and picked up the 34 stitches on either side including the 10+10 extra sts. So tonight I will see how far I can go. Three ridges to the button holes, yeah! I picked out the buttons when I brought the yarn both at Hancock Fabrics.
I should make hats to go with the sweaters but if I don't another pair of socks are going on the needles.
I have never made a pair toe up but may try this time. Check out the last show Cat of Lets Knit2gether did on different ways to cast on toe up. I put the link for contributing for their need to upgrade equipment up on my blog a few months ago with explanation. I did not give much as things are tight but every little bit helps. I know it is not an easy thing to do, the shows they record and edit. I hardly have time to blog and forget about reading my favs. As of this morning I am behind 554 blog entries! I was behind when my Internet went down but a week without it was pure h*ll. By Thursday I hit me. I do all of my bill paying on-line. I am totally cut off w/o the net. I do not receive paper bills anymore, you know doing my part in saving paper, but I may rethink that.
I'll have more pictures this weekend on BSJ #3! Enjoy your day.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Now Up and running

My Internet has be out all week. 1st time this has happened. I felt so disconnected. I need to take pictures but have finished BSJ #2 and I'm half way on #3 for a boy! More later. Need to wake up and get another cup of coffee.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whiskers on Wednesday

Zorro was, at first, laying up on his back using the mirror/wall for support. Do I have to tell you that when I came back with the camera he was not in the same position! So I stepped into to bathroom to get this shot. There are two shots but this is the one of him looking at me in the mirror. Well, he was when I was looking pressed the button!
I then returned to the Living Room where my BSJ #2 is waiting and find Pia lounging.

Last night I finished the 90 Sts part of BSJ #2 and the 34 Sts on either side are back on the needle. I hope to have pictures by the weekend. Please stop by WoW and meet Mari's Joey.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Suprise Jacket #1

I say #1 because I have started #2 yesterday. I first cast on 8/3/08. Then life got in the way.
My supervisor left that Sunday for two weeks in Beijing. That 1st Monday my sister and I got in touch with our mother age 79. She was put under observation for two days and sent home. It was time to move her up to NY to live with my sister. M came and picked her and her old cat Jingles up on 8/9 and drove right back to NY. She has been seen by my M's doctor. Basically, she is in good health. She had been diagnosed two years ago with mini strokes which cause short time memory loss. It may be short term but depending on who she is talking too she has not forgotten a damn thing. A friend in her small town J who was helping her was called by mom last week. mom wanted to let J know where she was. She was kidnapped by her daughter and nephew. They came down, threw in some clothes and put her and cat in the car. J reminded her that after the doctors said she could no longer live on her own she would move to NY. She agreed to a two week vacation. This has been the plan for two years but M & I agreed to let her on her own with a wait & see. Well, the waiting is over. other than be obsessed by her pills or lack of them she is doing well. I was more worried about M but she said she has been doing alright. The hateful outbursts are less and they are adjusting to a schedule. It is now the time for us baby boomers to take care of our parents. With my mom, I think she is tired. Tired of living, tired of all things electronic, fed up with the state of the world. She is content to stay in bed all day. No matter what M tries to do to get her active it is just not the right time of day, or the right day. Very frustrating. She now has M & P to wait on her and is eating regularly. She is weak from staying in bed so she now has a walker, toilet seat riser and shower chair. M borrowed a wheel chair with the intent to drive to Jones Beach but mom said no not now, later. Whatever. She is mad that J, M, P & myself all work. to quote "you all f*cken work! Now we wait for her to make the final decisions to sell her car, sort though the house, stage it to sell yada, yada. If you have not been up this road yet your turn will come.
Back to BSJ. I had the DVD, enlarged the written pattern included so I could read it. I also went to Knit Wiki & Ravelry to find out all I could. Bottom line, I thought too much. Had too many different charts to follow. Put into the mix working for two and mom, I could not wrap my head around it. So last week I finally picked it up and worked this Saturday and Sunday and finished it.
Above: just added the 9 sts for cuff increase
Above: BSJ Row 45 90 stitches, knit 3 row even
I cut the yarn to knit the 90 stitches, got this hint fro KnitWiki. I put the 34 stitches on a holder (a length of yarn) while I knitted up the 90 stitches for 10 ridges.
once the 10 ridges were knit I put the 34 stitches back on the needle at either end and joined the yarn and started at the beginning, K34 PU the 10 sts, K90, PU 10, K34
need to pick out buttons, I am going to give this to a girl so I am going to look for retro looking buttons.
Now that I know how one of these knits up I can better place my color changes.
1 skein of Laines Du Nord-Giunco- green & 1/3 skein of Lions Brand Baby Soft-Baby White Pompadour
Needles: Susan Bates Quicksilver Size 6 US, 4mm, 24" circular

When I last posted I told you about two movies. Wool 100%, I really enjoyed it. Part fairy tale, funky graphics, not much dialog to read sub titles. I loved the way it was shot and edited and a bittersweet story. The other was Lars and the Real Girl. Another quirky story but so sweet and great characters. I totally recommend them both. The other movie was The Bank Job but only the coming attractions would play. This is the 2nd movie I got from n*etflix that would not play on my DVD. The other was 3:10 to Yuma.
Today is my last day before returning to work and in celebration of Labor Day I am doing all the labor around the house. Dishes are washing, one load of laundry in the dryer. 1 waiting. Need to vacuum & polish the floors. Not suppose to use water on the bamboo floors but I do cheat with Sw*iffer Wet pads. Now back to work. Next time BSJ #2