Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two FO--BSJ #1 and 2

I decided BSJ #2 was for for Juliet, my sisters new grand-daughter, plus I would use up the white I had left from BSJ #1.

I made #1 one for Annalise, which I hope fits her. I have not see her since July 4th so we will see.

Back detail

Juliet's sweater

Back detail, you can see the row of back fullness stitches here
close up

Believe it or not I am almost finished with #3. I started it on Friday and last night finished the 90 stitches across and picked up the 34 stitches on either side including the 10+10 extra sts. So tonight I will see how far I can go. Three ridges to the button holes, yeah! I picked out the buttons when I brought the yarn both at Hancock Fabrics.
I should make hats to go with the sweaters but if I don't another pair of socks are going on the needles.
I have never made a pair toe up but may try this time. Check out the last show Cat of Lets Knit2gether did on different ways to cast on toe up. I put the link for contributing for their need to upgrade equipment up on my blog a few months ago with explanation. I did not give much as things are tight but every little bit helps. I know it is not an easy thing to do, the shows they record and edit. I hardly have time to blog and forget about reading my favs. As of this morning I am behind 554 blog entries! I was behind when my Internet went down but a week without it was pure h*ll. By Thursday I hit me. I do all of my bill paying on-line. I am totally cut off w/o the net. I do not receive paper bills anymore, you know doing my part in saving paper, but I may rethink that.
I'll have more pictures this weekend on BSJ #3! Enjoy your day.


Channon said...

Pretty! Love the buttons on the white one. Nice touch.

Anita said...

Both of them came out so nice! :)

Wendy said...

I'm so jealous! I never did rip out mine and start again. I'll have to do that before the baby arrives in November.

Bubblesknits said...

Those turned out gorgeous! I've got some bulky weight yarn to make one that will (hopefully) fit my 3 year old.

Rachel said...

Both of them are totally cute. Starting your third??? You must be on a roll! I'm about to embark on knitting for 3 babies soon so I'll be right there with you (though I'm doing Elijah!).