Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Long weekend, time to catch up

On my list of things to do
  • Thursday- do nothing, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade & knit; go to dinner at my BFF at 5:00 p.m. !! We have been trying for years to get dinner earlier, no luck

  • take a nap

  • Friday, Saturday- learn how to use my new Brother sewing machine before I make the linings then

  • line and finish up my felted bags

  • set up the dreaded ironing board I HATE IRONING

  • go through my clothes for Lupus Foundation pick up next week

  • they need knick knacks--so I am going to give up some (I have too much)

  • nap

  • finish up the colorimetry and see if I can get another one or two completed

  • nap

  • Sunday- is my day of usual cleaning
  • I love it when I can take a nap so when I have days where I can I do. I am up at 5 am regardless of the day. The kitties still have not gotten used to the time change! Sissy gets up on me just around 4:30.

    We get off at 2 today and I have some 50% off coupons for AC Moore, Joannes & Michael's so I will be figuring out a plan to get some knitting books.

    Here are a few pictures of Pia, Sissy & Zorro. I fell & hurt my right knee so I was on the couch with a heating pad. I kid you not--each and every time I got up I would come back and 1, two or all would be on the pad. Look how Sissy got herself under it! You know how it is living with cats, you live with them and sometime they are like spirits, you know they are around but no sure where. Well, these three are like that.

    Monday, November 19, 2007

    Knitting on one leg in red vinyl

    Well, I'm running on empty. I have a bad hard drive but I have been getting in once a day. Had to restore again. 2nd time in two weeks. I'm still working on colorimetry. So I'll leave you with this while I can. Notice one needle is a cigarette holder (I think)

    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Time Fly's--Part 2

    Computer----it keep crashing. I did the restore without loosing my doc & pics. Reinstalled most programs. Explorer keeps going down. Yesterday I came home to find,while was at work, the computer was fixing one of the drives. It took hours but I'm back in. Then spent the rest of the evening uploading family pictures to flickr. I don't have one blank CD in the house. So tonight I will buy some & back up everything. Even my keyboard is acting up. My speakers in my monitor are not working. So in the meantime, I leave you with some kitty pictures. On 10/18 I was outside and Stanley came and was yelling at me. Very unlike him. He only meows when I come home late. Well, it was not Stanley, it was his father! I had not seen him since January. Zorro and Stanley were adopted by me when their father Big Boy brought them to me in the fall of 2006. Ally Cat Allies trapped them, neutered and returned them to my yard. Big Boy has been in my community for years. By his behavior he was once a pet who was either abandoned or left behind in a move. He stayed around for two days and must have gone back to whomever is his main place of food.

    Dad is on the left.

    On the knitting front I have started and ripped out many projects. Just scarfs or anything small for gifts. I have now started Calorimetry. Trying to use up these one and two skeins. Will post pictures if I finish it.

    How time fly's-- Part 1

    when you work, your computer crashes, try to sleep, go to doctors to help you sleep and join Raverly. So I'll catch you up in reverse order. my finished projects entered. Looks like the only thing I knit all year are socks! But not so, I have 15 bags felted and waiting for linings and final details. That is the part I hate. Then onto the stash. Got some up and took pictures of others. That is when I realized that so many were only 1 or two skeins. Most of these I purchased with the intent to add into my felted bags. You see, because I love the process of knitting I decided that all I would ever make were bags. That was before I knit a pair of socks. That was get the idea.
    So now I'm looking at all these toofers an
    d realize that the holidays are approaching way too fast. Hanukkah starts early this year 12/5!!
    So I searched through all my knitting books to find quick projects that would only need one skein. The first one started out as the the convertible mittens using the "Knit this" kit I picked up for $15.00 at Tuesday Morning. Finished one "under mitten". OK so far. Only one way I can say this but the yarn they supply while pretty in color is real crap. I tossed all the yarn. I have never done this before but it was the only place for it. But the pattern was easy. So I started another pair using a skein of Uruguay DK in color 09, Maroon. Thanks to finding a this correction I was able to make the pair in one night.I purchased both skeins in a grab bag from In Stitches, my LYS. I paid $12.50 for 5 skeins of yarn. I could never pay $24.00 for 110 yds. That just couldn't be correct. All I need to do now is add some decorations to both pair. I am setting aside the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend to finish up projects.
    Next I did some scarfs using a skein of LB Thick & Quick in moss stitch and two skeins of Araucania Nature Wool one in basketweave and the other using crisscross stitch. All are great for idiot proof knitting. All took 1 or two evenings to knit. See a pattern here. I have 5 gifts almost completed.
    OK, part 1 done. Now to clean the house for a few hours.