Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Long weekend, time to catch up

On my list of things to do
  • Thursday- do nothing, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade & knit; go to dinner at my BFF at 5:00 p.m. !! We have been trying for years to get dinner earlier, no luck

  • take a nap

  • Friday, Saturday- learn how to use my new Brother sewing machine before I make the linings then

  • line and finish up my felted bags

  • set up the dreaded ironing board I HATE IRONING

  • go through my clothes for Lupus Foundation pick up next week

  • they need knick knacks--so I am going to give up some (I have too much)

  • nap

  • finish up the colorimetry and see if I can get another one or two completed

  • nap

  • Sunday- is my day of usual cleaning
  • I love it when I can take a nap so when I have days where I can I do. I am up at 5 am regardless of the day. The kitties still have not gotten used to the time change! Sissy gets up on me just around 4:30.

    We get off at 2 today and I have some 50% off coupons for AC Moore, Joannes & Michael's so I will be figuring out a plan to get some knitting books.

    Here are a few pictures of Pia, Sissy & Zorro. I fell & hurt my right knee so I was on the couch with a heating pad. I kid you not--each and every time I got up I would come back and 1, two or all would be on the pad. Look how Sissy got herself under it! You know how it is living with cats, you live with them and sometime they are like spirits, you know they are around but no sure where. Well, these three are like that.


    Anita said...

    sweet kittys!!
    Did you get everything done? A lot on that list even with all the napping!! :)

    Terry & Jonesy said...

    Cute picture!!! Yep - cats and heating pads go together. We finally gave up and covered our pad with a pillow case and let our old cat have it as HIS PAD.