Sunday, November 11, 2007

Time Fly's--Part 2

Computer----it keep crashing. I did the restore without loosing my doc & pics. Reinstalled most programs. Explorer keeps going down. Yesterday I came home to find,while was at work, the computer was fixing one of the drives. It took hours but I'm back in. Then spent the rest of the evening uploading family pictures to flickr. I don't have one blank CD in the house. So tonight I will buy some & back up everything. Even my keyboard is acting up. My speakers in my monitor are not working. So in the meantime, I leave you with some kitty pictures. On 10/18 I was outside and Stanley came and was yelling at me. Very unlike him. He only meows when I come home late. Well, it was not Stanley, it was his father! I had not seen him since January. Zorro and Stanley were adopted by me when their father Big Boy brought them to me in the fall of 2006. Ally Cat Allies trapped them, neutered and returned them to my yard. Big Boy has been in my community for years. By his behavior he was once a pet who was either abandoned or left behind in a move. He stayed around for two days and must have gone back to whomever is his main place of food.

Dad is on the left.

On the knitting front I have started and ripped out many projects. Just scarfs or anything small for gifts. I have now started Calorimetry. Trying to use up these one and two skeins. Will post pictures if I finish it.

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