Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Long, Lazy Weekend....

When I last left you I was debating on knitting up the Clapotis. After 5 tries to get to Row 14 with 17 stitches, one was when I decided to go up to size 9 needle. I am using yarn from a shrug I ripped out. Caron Simply Soft Shadows. 1) I wanted to use up something I has in my stash 2) I like to colorway. This is what I needed to do with the pattern so I could keep track. As I have mentioned before I have ADD when it comes to following a pattern. I will be knitting along and before I know it --I have done what? Which row? So this is my life saver. Thursday-- I was out of work at noon. You think you should do something special when you have extra time. So what do I do? I got a haircut. Short. Feels great, looks, short. I then went home and took a nap! Love afternoon naps. I get up everyday at 5:00 am and I start dropping around 3:30 pm. At work that only leaves me with an hour of work and a hour commute. During the week I do nothing that can't wait for the weekend then I knit and catch up on any TV that I have DVR. This weekend there were marathons of Twilight Zone, Law & Order, Clean Sweep. House Hunters.

Friday-- up early. Coffee and sat outside for a while and the Mocking Bird serenaded me. I stayed off the computer all day. Since it is now my Saturday, I vacuumed and straighten up the place. Knit on Clapppy. It is an easy pattern but you do need to pay attention. Took a nap and drove to my BFF for swim & Barbecue. When I arrived it started to rain so everything was moved inside. Pleasant evening with good food and company. I took Clappy with me and for the first time I sat and knit while everyone got caught up and the kids played around.

Saturday- hey I'm up! Coffee and that damn bird. Checked my email. Started laundry. Only one load this week. Where is my Sunday paper? Oh, it is Saturday. Move some things around to find what is where. I am looking for my gorilla Glue. I have a marble flower/birdbath and gorilla Glue should do the trick.

Sunday-- up at 4:30 thanks to Sissy then same routine. Still looking for the glue! Knit on Clappy on and off. Took an early nap. Worked in the garden cutting limbs and branches that are over the walkway. Filled up a lawn trash bag. Now I need to figure out what to do with the other side that is overgrown with ivy, strawberry vine and weeds!! Looks like the best way would be to take my hoe and start digging them out. Hoe is in the shed. Can't find the keys. I put them in a place I would know where they are. I have looked in all those places and can't find them any where. So I am putzing around. Knit a row or two of Clappy, hung the clock & the cross stitch, below, in the kitchen. I have not hung up anything since I had the whole place painted over two years ago. Oh, do you do this? I look at something that at one time I wanted and now I wonder how much it would be worth on EBay! Then I do a search and find out it is not worth giving up.
Monday- I took off an extra day. Morning wake up the same, Sissy the alarm clock. Today I am going to return some items. I do all my shopping to the right. I drove to the store furthest away. Made a left turn into Petsmart. Returned the flea stop since I did get Advantage. Picked up a thistle feeder for Goldfinch since I have seen them and they have fed here before. Also got another cat toy. Then next door to Michael's. Used my 40% off coupon from AC Moore and got Gorilla Glue, new cashier did not know how to ring in a competitor coupon. Bed Bath and Beyond is in between the two and brought two boxes of my K-Cups for my Kerurig using 2- 20% off coupons. I drive behind the shopping center to a service road to Walmart. This is my 2nd attempt to return the Belkin Starter Kit. It turned out I did not need it to play the MP3 player in the car. It took 45 min for them to figure out how to ring in an online return. This was after I wrote to walmart online and told them of my first return problem. On line service great. In store service- well they do not train. Stopped by Tuesday Morning for the last return, they are closed for restocking. Oh, Tippy's Taco right here so I picked up lunch/dinner. Did one last minute stop where I had to cross the highway! It is a nursery and I was hoping I could get two bird bath tops. Did not have. Picked up a new mat for the front door and Round up. I think I will zap some of those weeds since I can't find the key to the shed!This is the progress of Clappy so far. I think I knit two extra rows and skipped row 6 on the straight part. So now I need to figure out if I rip down and to where, so much for the chart.


Anita said...

I love watching Clean Sweep. LOL
And afternoon naps, we should have more of those! :)

Good idea with the chart, I'm the same way with patterns! UGH! I hate that you still skipped a row... but the colorway looks wonderful!!

Channon said...

Clappy is looking lovely!

cinnamongirl93 said...

You clappy is coming along nicely. I am thinking of knitting that for the knitting Olympics. I already have the yarn. A beautiful Malabrigo in a verigated blues color. Hmm..still trying to decide.

CoffeeMan said...

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Cat =^,^= said...

It's beautiful, KSee - I hate to rip out anything so pretty, don't you?! seems like there should be a way to make it work right!!

Lynn said...

I like how you keep track of your clappy pattern! I have had to do something very similar with my ds's vest and a sweater for me (that was eventually ripped out). It's the only way I can make sure I'm doing it right! and love the pics of the kitties!!!