Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Whiskers on Wednesday

I took this picture yesterday morning. A little switch out on their bowl positions as well as the other side of the room. When I got home Monday I had the dreaded invasion of ANTS. So I walk in and tear everything up, spray, but not before I try to follow their trail of entry (never did find the exact place), sweep, mop, twice. Wash everything. Meanwhile, everyone is watching and waiting in the next room wondering what the hell she is up to now. I am not a happy mama.

Every morning and evening I start with bowl #1 (the blue bowl). Every time I have 4 cats at the one bowl. I then put a handful into the next, and so forth. Pecking order, Pia, Zorro, Stanley then Sissy. Stanley is always at each bowl like he has never eaten before and won't get his share. Sissy knows the drill (girls are just smarter)

R to L: Zorro, Pia, Stanley, Sissy

Since this is my first official post for WOW (we won't count last weeks lame attempt) I am going to give you links to past posts to get to know all my furry purries. The Girls, Pia, Sissy, The Boys. A post of the boys father Big Boy

and lo and behold, their mother who I only was able to get a picture of yesterday morning while I had locked myself out of the house and the car. I left the keys on the computer keyboard and my Pela sliding doors do not need a key to lock up. Thank goodness my neighbor's husband was home. She is hoofing it to the bus stop, to the Metro to get to work in DC. A Metro ride to my work in Tysons Corner will not be ready until 2014 or later at which time I hope to be retired.


mari said...

They are adorable!

Bubblesknits said...

Fluffy is the same way. She has to get a bite out of each bowl and make sure no one is getting something better than her. LOL

Rachel said...

Oh, how cute! I'll have to make a point to go back and get to know each one individually through your links! On occasion, we have to supplement our elk diets with something other than natural forage or hay in the winter. This means pellet feeding and the elk respond the same way as your description of the cats...and I've always wanted to take a picture of all the butts lined up in a straight row in front of the feeders too!

Tuppence said...

We've been invaded by ants, too--I feel for you. Love your kitties!

Anita said...

Ants, UGH! They will find that cat food every year!

Cute photo of all the kids lined up. :)

I hate you locked yourself out, I can't stand it when I do that to myself, very frustrating!

Monica said...

I love them all lined up like that!! I've never had a food-obsessed cat because they've always had a buffet available. LOL