Sunday, July 15, 2007

The boys

Last summer these two were born across the street. Their mother is white and quite wild. Their father was a big boy, white & orange, and must have been abandoned as he would come up to me, talk and let me brush him. Big boy introduced his offspring to me. I was, of course, feeding him whenever he stopped by. He would come for days and weeks than be gone for stretches of time. Last fall I started feeding the boys so they could be trapped, neutered and returned. And so they were. Our community was working with Alley Cat Allies. I woke up one morning and there they were back and wanting to be fed. I'm sure they were confused for two days but they have settled into a routine. Zorro, black & white, is the love baby. Of all the cats he loves to be picked up. Turns to jello. And has the biggest purr. You can hear him across the room. I swear he has a motor.
Stanley is still learning. He loves to be brushed. His fur is thick like his fathers. Actually, if Pia didn't stay on his ass he would be better. I know he would really do better in a home by himself but he is here and the chances of someone I know just dying to adopt him is slim to none. As you can see his life is good despite Pia. Some days the boys stay in for 24 hours. Mostly they are in and out. Stanley prefers to stay out at all night but comes in to nap when I come home from work, goes out for the night when I go to bed. Zorro is always close. If I step out he is there so on weekends he is like a kid, in and out. I just wish he would learn to bark but he gets his message across when he wants out.

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Robin said...

Such pretty kitties! Cats take the best pictures!