Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kitty Girls

I know you do not have to knit to have cats. You can have dogs and any other pet. I just happen to have cats now. When I brought my home in 1990 I have Muppet, Manda & Missy. I do not have an electronic picture of Muppet as you left us in 1992. Missy was adopted from the FFX Cty Animal Shelter. She & Manda were close. Missy went first. Then Manda was losing her sight, hearing and would sometimes pass out when she became excited. Knowing it was just a matter of time, and now that I too was now older, I knew I did not want to get another dog. I figured I would get old with my cats. Well, one of the gals at work told me about finding dates online at Craig's list. So I went looking for a man and after awhile of reading decided to see what else they offered. Been there with the men and I had to be honest, I was now too set in my ways to start sharing my life or giving up my comfortable life.
Well, they had pets! Once of the first posts was for a Torti! My favorite. This post was from Metro Ferals. Better yet! This is karma. So after making application and being approved I drove to Maryland to meet this little girl. The foster mother pointed to a grey tabby and said they were close. Knowing I wanted two my decision was made. Best part the adoption fee was $150 each which included all shots & spaying. Here are the three girls.

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