Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lots of Choices Top update

So I take the top into work and L who is a very, very experienced knitter, weaver & spinner looks at it and says "just add a row of crochet all around the margins". Easy! I keep forgetting that a pattern is a guide. We are knitting and we can change, adjust, do what works for us. So my mantra...I can change it. I can make it bigger, smaller. I can do whatever the hell I want. It is a guide. It helps me learn. I learn by my mistakes. I love knitting. I look forward to it. I will not stress over it. If I really hate it I will rip it out and make something else. Now I feel better.

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punkrawkpurl said...

Yup.... mod the hell out of a pattern. That's the way to do it. I work in a yarn shop & it always slays me when i show a customer a pattern & thye say "it's perfect! but i don't look good in blue." HAHA that is the extreme, but yes.. change the neck, the sleeves, add boob darts, whatever you want!
btw... your cats are adorable!