Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sissy, an introduction

Sissy is the sister. She was more mature in nature. More reserved. They were both 3-4 months old when I got them. Sissy, does not like to be picked up. She gives me 10 seconds at best. But she is always on the back of the couch just behind my neck. And she is the only one that will sleep on me! Yep, not beside me, not at my head, thank goodness, but on me. She weighs half of Pia but she feels like a ton of bricks when she get on. She will also wash me. If i put my head back on the couch I get a cleaning. I'll let her do it for a second or so because I know this is love BUT it feels so weird! When Manda was with us I had to feed them a level up. Sissy will also sleep where I sit. When I get up she drops down. She will get into my knitting. Missed a pic op when I was making a bag and came back to find her in it! She was so pleased. Caught this one where she was making the best of it. That is a scarf I had ripped out. Sometimes I feel she is put out that I'm in her seat. Yet, I know the truth...she only wants it because this is where I sit and I know she will sometimes sleep there when I'm at work.

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