Sunday, July 22, 2007

Two days one ##@)#&$ neckline!!

I've been knitting on my top most of the week but left the neckline decreases for the weekend. I have lost count on how many times I have ripped this out but I know I'm not doing something right. I've got the 12 stitches bind off down pat. I just can't get the other stitches bound off and looking right. Only two on each WS row for 4 rows then 1 on every WS row. You can see where I'm twisting the DG things!

I kid you not, I've been at this since Friday on & off. I'm going to stop in at my LYS tomorrow after work to see if I can get help. I'm brain dead, fried. Here is the progress on the top. I would have had this whole side done if I could just do the damn neckline. I was, finally, able to watch "Little Miss Sunshine" this afternoon. Very good movie.

So, I am going back to my 4th pair of socks. I'm at the stage where I'm going to see what stitch pattern will look good. This yarn has so much going on that the stitches may get lost.

How do cats do this? Zorro dead to the world. If only my doctor gave me something that would let me sleep like this.


Robin said...

Such a cute picture!!!

Knitcrazy said...

The Top looks real pretty.. How far are you now on it?? Did you get the neckline??

LOL.. Gee I wish I could sleep like the cat!!!
When I go to the great unknown.. I 'm coming back as a house cat !! LOL