Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pia, an introduction

As I will be posting pictures of my furry purries I thought I would get the into's out of the way. Pia was the torti. It took a bit to name her. I lived with both of the girls for awhile knowing that they would help me name them. Now I'm in a 1000 sq ft condo with two cats and a dog. Here is a picture of my home from the spring. I'm posting this picture because this is not what you think of when you say your home is a condo. I am only attached on one side. So I rather say I live in a brick rambler with a garden and garage. The garage is on the back. My LR & DR wall is the garage wall.

OK, I digress, Pia was named. It means pain in the ass. Because that is what she was, at the time, well to be truthful, she can still be! So the name fits. Its pretty and only you & I know what it means. She does not. She is not a lap cat ( thank goodness look at the size of her!), if fact, none are. But she is the couch cat. If I am reading the paper, knitting she is right there demanding attention. If I sit and do nothing, no cat. It just amazes me how they don't miss a move. I just wish they could tell time!

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