Saturday, July 3, 2010

Still here but lost in a row boat with 1 oar

Hello to anyone who is still out there. I have not visited my blog friends is months. I am going to keep this short. I lost my knitting muse. I cast on a pair of socks on 1/1/10 so I could start the new year on the right foot.

On 5/21, my Supervisor and I who complied the whole of the "Productio
n" department were given immediate notice that our services were no longer needed "due to restructuring of the Production function within ****** company.

I have never not had a job. The market out there sucks. You can not believe the job requirements. It looks like every job want a Bachelors degree to just answer the phones. In addition to the over done job descriptions, high school & college graduates are in the running because they are all level entry so many companies are going to take advantage of that for the summer months. I have over 30 years of experience which does not seem to count for much right now. I've been applying for jobs that I am over qualified for but that is OK, I could deal with less stress right now.

The upside to being home this long is that I have cleaned out my garden and going through closets and drawers. I have already made two trips to Goodwill. I have taken pictures of Barbie's and other collectibles to put up on Ebay. Then there is a collection of 'vintage' that I will try on Etsy.These garden pictures were taken back in May. Since then the landscapers cut everything back so the management company can fix the soffit, roof & gutters. If I had not "been home" I would not have know I had a problem. So that was an upside of not working. I was going to take these into work like I do every year but before I had a chance I did not have the job.

The cats love having me home. I have taken dozen of pictures of them. They are such clowns. Sissy in particular loves having me home to the point where I am more than ready not be be at home. I spend 6-8 hours searching for jobs on many different sites and she is right next to me looking for attention. She is doing things that she never did before.
Zorro eating out of Pia's bowl. Took this one so you could see how big she is.Here is Stanley on the bottom shelf of my gardening bench. This is one place he spends a lot of time staying cool in the afternoons
This was taken in the morning. This was as close as I could get. I took one move forward and he left this spot.
We all know how our furry friends like boxes. Zorro had been curled up sleeping but by the time I got the camera he sat up. Then he left.
Within seconds Sissy got it. She stayed awhile then she took off, she just could not help herself to find out what Zorro saw in the box. She & Zorro are pals. The are the frick & frack of my kitty brood.
Every morning I open the front door and the morning sun comes in. Sissy & Pia grab a spot. This spot has become Pia's main spot. Here is my fat cat in all her glory. No shame here.

Have to go now, job search continues. I will do better in posting, it might also help me talk to adults.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010