Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Highlights of my virtual vacation

I'm not sure how Chris & I managed to go to so many places but here are some highlights. We were in Guthrie, OK and braked at S.W.A.K. Almost caused an accident! Nah, but I can hear the two of us...
"It's over on the right, hurry"
"No, it's up on the left"
"Turn, already! I see it in the middle of the block"
"Oh, I'm so excited"
This is what we saw. The most beautiful site to behold. Where to start. I've been known to be in a LYS for quite awhile. Never have I been in one this large. You see this is my strategy, I go around once, slowly, then I go the other way around. Sort of like grazing. I touch, squeeze, caress, sometimes a very lite feel at my chin/neck. I know when I do this that there is a good chance it is coming home with me. This is the commitment stage. Are we right for each other. Now, I sort of know the lay of the land. Chris was a very good host. She knows the place. She knew where the deals were. As this is a virtual vacation and I have unlimited funds, yeah right, well it is my vacation. This is what I got 3 skeins of Noro Sumile Multi-pink, enough of O-Wool Balance in Peridot to make a top. OK, there was more (sock yarn) but won't bore you. Love gadgets so I got this Placefinder, never saw it before. They had these Suede Purse Bottoms - Tote. Never saw these before either. No budget so I picked up quite a few in different colors. Check out that purple. In addition to yarn I've been keeping my eye out for totes. What is it with us knitters, yarn, totes and cats. Since I could not make up my mind I got the Monkey Tote & Another Yarn Bag, the sweater key chain. Oh, hell, I went nuts and got just about one of everything except the shirts and calendars. I forgot to mention buttons. Look at the selection they have. Just love the name and the prices of their classes. Did I say I had fun!
Then lunch at Eskimo Joes you can go on a virtual tour. I could not make up my mind Joe's Famous Fowl Thing or Joe's Chili Cheese Dog or Joe's Sauteed Mushroom & Swiss Special. This is what they say about subsitutations: The famous Joe's Special is traditionally served with fresh-cut Idaho French fries or substitute baked beans or cottage cheese. Come on I have the fries. We had to come back so I could get my fill. I'll leave you now. You must be as exhusted as I am just going to one yarn shop.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happiness is a ball of yarn and new friends

We all do it. We join lists about our interests. So when I started back up with knitting I join the knitlist. We learn and share and lurk. We visit others blogs. We lurk. Then I came across a blog that led me to the KVVS. I joined not really having a clue about swaps. This one was all about have a virtual vacation. Hey, I'm not going anywhere this year. It was limited to 150 +1 people from all corners of the world. I will visit people, admire their knitting, enjoy their actual vacation pictures. They will talk about their family, joys and sorrows. Anne, Jessi and Sharon joined forces and made this happen. All the people I have listed as my Favorites I met on this vacation either by way of visiting or learning about them from their blogs. When I received my first message from my pal I learned that her daughter was moving to Washington DC. Our world got smaller. On July 8th, Chris had big water problems from the Oklahoma's rains. She was bailing out and trying to keep dry. Then July 18th she wrote "I've been at a church retreat....imagine 500 Presbyterian Women staying in a very sparse dormitory. Then imagine that they are all in their 60s, 70s, and 80s." She was the youngest by a good 10 years. No, I did not tell her I could not imagine it I couldn't even fathom it!

Here are pictures of all my gifts from my "vacation". Since I received this at work, thank you Chris for doing that, I left all the edible goodies at the office. Chocolate stuff! All good things to drink which I have never seen or heard of before. Isn't that what vacations are all about. At the top of 1st picture is a t-shirt from Eskimo Joe's celebrating their 32nd Anniversary. Check out all the yarn.

The yellow/pink did not have a tag but it is gorgeous. She even sent a button.

This maroon yarn is from Springfield MO, Molehouse Yarns, 300 yards of 99% Merino 1% nylon plus Chris provided me with patterns.

The items above are from her LYS. Yup, that sticker is going on the back window of my PT Cruiser. A little booklet I can carry with with with my needle inventory plus a tape measure. The book is one I have never seen before and has some baby patterns that I can make for a new baby coming in a few months.

Back of the t-shirt

There is a Knit Simple with one of the patterns plus others that she sent me. 4 skeins of LB Watercolors. I just love the green with all the little shots of color.

Then the July/August issue of Oklahoma Today, Centennial Collectors Series. There are ads galore of places I didn't know existed and a special section with fabulous black & white photos starting with Cherokee Strip Land Run in 1893, pictures from the 1938 Dust Storm, too many to mention. But I got a kick from the two above. I was born in 1949. I grew up watching b/w movies from the 30's, 40's & 50's. Look at how much older the Teenagers looked in '47. How stern & proper the All-American family was at church! Thank you Chris for such a great time.

Happiness Abounds!

I got into work this morning to find Chris's package on my chair. The mailroom was late delivering the mail to our department so it arrived after 4:30pm. She was my KVVS pal. I left my camera at home so first thought was to not open it until I got home. That lasted about 30 seconds! I love everything! The yarn, what can I say, love the colors and patterns she selected. I do know that I will be fondling it all through out the day. All the items are new to me. I will update this evening with pics. This was my first swap. I have met many lovely and talented people on this swap. Have to get to work so more this evening.
I am working on the final stages for my pal and plan on getting that out by weeks end. Just think, it could be for you!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Screw it.

I just had to share two birthday cards I received from my friend and supervisor, she had all the people in our marketing department sign the card. Can you believe this one! The inside says: "Take some time to unwind. Happy Birthday" My friend could not believe her eyes when she saw 4 cats! knitting!. At World Market of all places. Then she took me to Fuddruckers, we walked across the parking lot (We were going to go to Legal Seafood or Maggianos but just the thought of traffic and parking at Tysons Galleria changed our mind). We both had the kids meal cheeseburger. You get a cookie when you go that way. It was good to get away from our desks for an hour. Then at 3:00 we had a LARGE sheet cake from Costco. Pat always goes all out. We like to celebrate in our departments. There are some that cook (I don't) who make a cake because we need it! OR ice cream. We have been know to take an afternoon break and 2-3 of us will go to Baskins Robbins and bring back ice cream.

This card came from another friend and she also had her whole department sign the inside:

"That way I can put a hook in it to hold up my bra" Have an uplifting birthday!

I did not knit on my sock too much this weekend but I am at the heel. Here is the scarf I blocked (I've had that cutting board for over 30 years) and am donating for an Auction on September 10th. This is what my friend, Judith, had to say when she asked for donations.

"The Golf Tournament raises money for melanoma research and is given to Dr.Wen Jen Hwu who treated my daughter at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Dr. Hwu develops trial protocols to specifically treat melanoma. She is one of (if not the top) clinical research physician in the country specializing in advanced stage melanoma. Her research lab at MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, is currently breaking new ground with tumor attacking vaccines. I've seen some of the works of art you create and would be proud to have them in our auction. In 2006, the tournament and auction raised $36,000 for Dr. Hwu's research. It's bittersweet. My daughter didn't get the miracle, but we hope to be a part of providing miracles for future patients. Ashley's goal as a kindergarten teacher was to "touch a life"... she still is." Judith is a very special person and I love helping and working with her.

This yarn is from Ironstone Yarns "Pizzazz" it's three yarns: Felicia, Eyelash & Paris Nights, Colorway #6. It was a bear to knit. It was a basic knit with yo. If you get in closer to the blocked pic you can see that it actually has some detail.

I also have set up my bead board and gathered up all my supplies so I can make a gift for my KVVS pal.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mock Twisted Cable--one down

I sure hope this next one goes better. Maybe my frame of mind will be in a better place. Lots of changes at work, don't we all just hate change, and I'm tired ALL the time. I have just cast on for the second sock. so between cleaning up around the house and catching up on shows recorded I'll be knitting on.

Zorro on the chase

This boy sure keeps me on my toes. What a beautiful day it is today. Step outside and see that Zorro is at the tree condo. Oh, what can it be. It is a inexperienced squirrel! 1st he makes it to the roof, then jumps back into the tree. So I'm ready to see what happens next. Thank goodness the squirel was just fast enough. I could not stand to see it caught or Zorro hurt.

Zorro with new quarry

This is not the first time he came home with something in his mouth but for the life of me I could not figure out what it was. I was watching him from the patio door knowing I could not go out as he would run in. Something is fluttering in his mouth. So I stood there for what seemed like forever. After a while I thought I would have to go to the rescue and pry his mouth open. Then low and behold he opened up. Grabbed the camera and this is his new find

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pay it forward

I found about this from Megan. Here is how it works! I'll send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange! I don't know what that gift will be yet, and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week...LOL... but you will receive it within 365 days, that's a promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog...
So for those of you who want to join this good yarn karma exchange, leave me a comment.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My first love..

well, that was actually Donny when I was 12.
She-Knits asked where my first love were!! Truth is the damn socks have taken me over. But this last pair where I tried a simple, I really mean simple, and are driving me nuts & I have spent as much time with the first one ripping it out as I have in knitting it up. I will not give up! I have a commitment to provide one for a charity auction on Sept 10! I thought I've be finished with this pair of socks!!
My bags are all in 2 huge Ziploc bag waiting on me to finish up with the linings etc. All the others were made as gifts and I did not take pictures. Well, I took them all out and here they are for all to see. When I finish them up I will take better shots. Two are patterns from Pursonality Plus 1 or 2. Her instructions are so basic that after a few I just started casting on what I figured would be a good size and mixed yarns at least have some wool in them.

Monday, August 6, 2007

So what's up with this?

the milk on the left is from Costco. The other from Giant Food. Both are 1 gallon. They both fit in/on the shelf in the door. But what genius at the milk company felt it necessary to change the shape of the gallon! It uses more plastic and the one from Costco always drips, always, I have tried it multiple ways. I've even tried holding my mouth the right way! So, today when I go & buy cat food, TP, tissues & coffee will I buy their milk? Probably, as I need it, have been out all weekend and hate making multiple stops. Yes, I thought of washing out a used container but I can see how much milk I would loose pouring it from one to the other. OK, I'm done with this rant.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

It is not true that life is one damn thing after another...

it's one damn thing over and over. Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892-1952)

So, I ripped out my other sock and have set it aside. I have been working on this all week. This is using Knit Picks "Felici" Hummingbird. I love this yarn. I'm using the basic sock pattern that I learned in class but measured my ankle higher up as I really like them longer. Cast on 64 sts. Did about 1.5" in k2p2, them looked all through every sock pattern I could find looking for a simple stitch pattern to give them interest. I zone out when knitting and if I do not say the stitches as I knit I just keep going along and them more times then not I have to stitch back and fix it. So, I could go on forever makeing basic k2p2 socks but really wanted to but something into the mix. This is a pattern from Schaefer Yarn Company #193 Anne Mock Cable Twist. the pattern is free. The only part I used was the pattern:
Mock Cable pattern: (Worked over 4 stitches)
Row 1: * K 2, p 2. Repeat from *
Row 2: * K 2 tog, do not remove from left needle. K the first st again. Remove both sts from left needle. P 2. Repeat from *
Row 3: * K 2, p 2. Repeat from *
Row 4: * K 2, p 2. Repeat from *

I don't think my heal will not look like this one. I used size 1. See that niffty row counter. I got that at Knit Picks also, but they do not have it listed at this time. I love gadgets. For any reason. Electronic, kitchen (I don't cook!) etc. When I was active in Stained Glasss, I tried them all. Now that I am into knitting I keep my eye out for them. After the scarfs and felted bag stage, I realized that I would need to keep track. So I invested in one of these. Then I got hi-tech and went with one of these at my LYS. I also have a couple of these. Problem with all of them I kept forgetting if I added the row. Did I click at the start or the end. Too much to think about. Then I saw these and they are perfect. The pattern in 4 row repeat. I keep in just after the 1st two stitches which are always knit. Since, I could not find the exact item I got at Knit Picks I did a search and came acrosss this site. Turtlegirls blog! and she has instructions on how we can make our own.

I was out the other morning, yes, having that damn smoke, and came across Zorro. He was at the base of a cedar tree, which is really a bird condo. He reminds me of a kid who thinks you can't see them when we play peek-a-boo.

What's for dessert?

Oh, lets go to KSee's for left over pie. That is what A#1 said. So he went to back to his crew and said it is open house night. Plus, she does not go into work today, this was sometime Friday a.m. What a party that was had by all. What work went into this affair. They came in a steady stream. Oh, A#2 says "I want to take some home will you help me out here?" Of course said A#1001. So all night they worked taking bits and pieces back home. So I, the host, woke up and realized that I had the day off! I needed my coffee! Oh, what a party! What a mess! OK, maybe there were not a 1001 ants, yes, little tiny ones, the size of pepper, who had a system down. What remarkable creators they are but not on my kitchen counter! See, Friday is trash day, so I finished up a pie and let the plate sit out to go out in the next mornings trash. No coffee for me. I grab my Clorox wipes and started wiping up. Basically, dismantled the kitchen counter, cleaned everything. Then used ant sprayed around the window. Left the room for about an hour. When back in and cleaned up one more time for good measure. Then I had my coffee. Good thing I was off.
I've met these guys before. I feed Zorro & Stanley on the patio and on one rare occasion (they always eat the last bit) there was 1 tiny piece of dry food left. So, I go out for a smoke. Yes, bad habit. But its out there for all to know! (Haven't done it in the house for 7 years). I look down and there they are. All over this bit of food. The troops are a coming n' a going. Its a remarkable site. So I sit there watching and realize that they are doing something that we, the free willed, would probably not do. They have a route that they do not waver from a fairly straight line. Some are circleing the bowl, others are on their way back, passing others on their way in. Next time I'm out there not a soul in site.
I think these teeny tiny ants show up once a year. I've never paid attention to when they come so this entry will help me next year! I'll be armed and ready.