Monday, August 20, 2007

Screw it.

I just had to share two birthday cards I received from my friend and supervisor, she had all the people in our marketing department sign the card. Can you believe this one! The inside says: "Take some time to unwind. Happy Birthday" My friend could not believe her eyes when she saw 4 cats! knitting!. At World Market of all places. Then she took me to Fuddruckers, we walked across the parking lot (We were going to go to Legal Seafood or Maggianos but just the thought of traffic and parking at Tysons Galleria changed our mind). We both had the kids meal cheeseburger. You get a cookie when you go that way. It was good to get away from our desks for an hour. Then at 3:00 we had a LARGE sheet cake from Costco. Pat always goes all out. We like to celebrate in our departments. There are some that cook (I don't) who make a cake because we need it! OR ice cream. We have been know to take an afternoon break and 2-3 of us will go to Baskins Robbins and bring back ice cream.

This card came from another friend and she also had her whole department sign the inside:

"That way I can put a hook in it to hold up my bra" Have an uplifting birthday!

I did not knit on my sock too much this weekend but I am at the heel. Here is the scarf I blocked (I've had that cutting board for over 30 years) and am donating for an Auction on September 10th. This is what my friend, Judith, had to say when she asked for donations.

"The Golf Tournament raises money for melanoma research and is given to Dr.Wen Jen Hwu who treated my daughter at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Dr. Hwu develops trial protocols to specifically treat melanoma. She is one of (if not the top) clinical research physician in the country specializing in advanced stage melanoma. Her research lab at MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, is currently breaking new ground with tumor attacking vaccines. I've seen some of the works of art you create and would be proud to have them in our auction. In 2006, the tournament and auction raised $36,000 for Dr. Hwu's research. It's bittersweet. My daughter didn't get the miracle, but we hope to be a part of providing miracles for future patients. Ashley's goal as a kindergarten teacher was to "touch a life"... she still is." Judith is a very special person and I love helping and working with her.

This yarn is from Ironstone Yarns "Pizzazz" it's three yarns: Felicia, Eyelash & Paris Nights, Colorway #6. It was a bear to knit. It was a basic knit with yo. If you get in closer to the blocked pic you can see that it actually has some detail.

I also have set up my bead board and gathered up all my supplies so I can make a gift for my KVVS pal.


rmj318 said...

Happy Birthday, KSee!! I loved the scarf that you made...what incredible yarn! Here's hoping that the box arrives soon :))

Knitcrazy said...

LOve that Card with the Cats !!! LOL

yarnmaniac said...

Those cards are hilarious!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to meet you sometime at the LYS. wendy

Megan said...

Happy Birthday KSee! I LOVE the card with the cats. It's fantastic.

Yarndemon said...

OMG!!! Those cards were too funny!!! Love the cats, how perfect! When is your B'day? Mine is Aug 18..... you blog is great, very entertaining! :) Have a great evening! Anita