Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My first love..

well, that was actually Donny when I was 12.
She-Knits asked where my first love were!! Truth is the damn socks have taken me over. But this last pair where I tried a simple, I really mean simple, and are driving me nuts & I have spent as much time with the first one ripping it out as I have in knitting it up. I will not give up! I have a commitment to provide one for a charity auction on Sept 10! I thought I've be finished with this pair of socks!!
My bags are all in 2 huge Ziploc bag waiting on me to finish up with the linings etc. All the others were made as gifts and I did not take pictures. Well, I took them all out and here they are for all to see. When I finish them up I will take better shots. Two are patterns from Pursonality Plus 1 or 2. Her instructions are so basic that after a few I just started casting on what I figured would be a good size and mixed yarns at least have some wool in them.


Laura said...

Wow, pretty! When do I get one of those?

SleepyEyes said...

Oh, your purses look great! I've got book one and I love it....someday, when I have "free" time I'm going to knit the blue Carribean one. Good luck on the sock knitting!

Megan said...

Felting, so brave.