Sunday, August 5, 2007

What's for dessert?

Oh, lets go to KSee's for left over pie. That is what A#1 said. So he went to back to his crew and said it is open house night. Plus, she does not go into work today, this was sometime Friday a.m. What a party that was had by all. What work went into this affair. They came in a steady stream. Oh, A#2 says "I want to take some home will you help me out here?" Of course said A#1001. So all night they worked taking bits and pieces back home. So I, the host, woke up and realized that I had the day off! I needed my coffee! Oh, what a party! What a mess! OK, maybe there were not a 1001 ants, yes, little tiny ones, the size of pepper, who had a system down. What remarkable creators they are but not on my kitchen counter! See, Friday is trash day, so I finished up a pie and let the plate sit out to go out in the next mornings trash. No coffee for me. I grab my Clorox wipes and started wiping up. Basically, dismantled the kitchen counter, cleaned everything. Then used ant sprayed around the window. Left the room for about an hour. When back in and cleaned up one more time for good measure. Then I had my coffee. Good thing I was off.
I've met these guys before. I feed Zorro & Stanley on the patio and on one rare occasion (they always eat the last bit) there was 1 tiny piece of dry food left. So, I go out for a smoke. Yes, bad habit. But its out there for all to know! (Haven't done it in the house for 7 years). I look down and there they are. All over this bit of food. The troops are a coming n' a going. Its a remarkable site. So I sit there watching and realize that they are doing something that we, the free willed, would probably not do. They have a route that they do not waver from a fairly straight line. Some are circleing the bowl, others are on their way back, passing others on their way in. Next time I'm out there not a soul in site.
I think these teeny tiny ants show up once a year. I've never paid attention to when they come so this entry will help me next year! I'll be armed and ready.

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