Monday, August 6, 2007

So what's up with this?

the milk on the left is from Costco. The other from Giant Food. Both are 1 gallon. They both fit in/on the shelf in the door. But what genius at the milk company felt it necessary to change the shape of the gallon! It uses more plastic and the one from Costco always drips, always, I have tried it multiple ways. I've even tried holding my mouth the right way! So, today when I go & buy cat food, TP, tissues & coffee will I buy their milk? Probably, as I need it, have been out all weekend and hate making multiple stops. Yes, I thought of washing out a used container but I can see how much milk I would loose pouring it from one to the other. OK, I'm done with this rant.


Devonshire said...

I wish milk came in the soy/rice milk containers - it would make the spill factor almost nil. Thanks about the fabric - it was too cute to pass up.

on the wings... said...

Wow, the Costco in the East is different from the one in the West. I have never seen such an odd shaped container. I can see how it would drip. Do you have to buy it in a "two pack"? We do here in California. Makes for ALOT of milk.

Sheknits said...

Ok , I give, I searched all (I only see from June 07) your blog posts and see all 4 pairs of socks...I think , or atl least three and BTW very nnice job on those socks i especially like the 2nd pair) and i see nothing of your first where are the bags Ksee- also your cats are so differnt and pretty here is a link to a funny pic....maybe you have seen it