Sunday, July 15, 2007

Third Pair of Socks

Finished! I did these a couple of weeks ago. I must have CRS because I know I took pictures of these when I finished the RW& B pair below. Oh well, that is not the first time I know I did something, or thought I did.
Since I had used two other types of sock yarn I decided to try something with elastic. This is from Knit Picks called Dancing in Rumba.
Since these were on sale I bet there are hundreds of us in the same colorway! I went down to size 1 for these. Same pattern as others K2P2 rib but this time took it to the toes. Knit up like a dream.
Speaking of toes. No ears!! Pratice, Pratice.

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Channon said...

Thanks for sending me here to see these. No stripes though. Interesting...