Thursday, December 6, 2007

So little time

Yikes, it is already Hanukkah! I have many gifts finished but for the blocking and weaving in the ends. I just can't seemed to get in the groove. My gifts will get to family within the month as I am now recuperating for the rest of the week. I did receive my 1st Hanukkah gift from Laura BFF oldest daughter. I received this and this.

A lot going on this week. Last Saturday night I attended our company's holiday party on the Odyssey. Had a great time. Plus, there was a Christmas Floatila going on with the most fantistic displays. When we docked and I was heading home going to 395 South I ran over something that blew out all 4 tires and the oil pan (I think) will know more when the adjuster calls. I called Geico and they towed me & the car (on a flat bed) home I got home at 3:30 am. My car is in the shop waiting on the insurance adjuster to give them the go ahead. I called him yesterday to see what was up. I thought with the snow we had that he was probably busy with more claims. Not! He was is a class and his laptop was not working.

Sunday night I borrowed my BFF husbands Jeep. Went to work Monday to finish up all I could and got a laptop to work from home. Then I had surgery on my right knee Tuesday. I am so blessed to have great friends, neighbors and co-workers. I do not know how I would ever get though a day without them.

The doctor did not show up for the appointed time of 2:30, is a Doctor ever on time? Then there was major screw up on getting home but my dear neighbor was able to pick me up. Because everything was so delayed my original ride could not make it. Got home at 7:30. I think. The anesthesia did not really wear off until late last night. Right now my upper arm hurts from the automatic blood pressure cup. That sucker just does it thing. My throat is sore from the breathing tube as well as my tongue. Then my hip and stomach muscles hurt. I wonder what position I was in for this knee. You would think from the pain that I was splayed!

All in all I am doing well. All these side affects will fade away. I can walk and the knee itself does not hurt as it did before surgery. I do not take the dressing off until Sunday at which time I can shower. Well, I have to get my leg back up and on ice.

On the knitting front I have taken the pattern from the fingerless gloves I made here and am working a new pair on a size 8 31" needle and doing my first magic loop project. I have searched and downloaded so many fingerless glove patterns but my mind is just not up to cables, which most seem to be. I've taken pictures of my progress so when I'm done I'll share. With the help of these patterns I once again realized that patterns are a guide.

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SleepyEyes said...

Oh, I hope you're knee is feeling better! Make sure to rest and not overdo it. How do you like the Magic Loop? I love it!