Thursday, December 27, 2007

I do not Cook!!

I am know for this. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you. KSee does not cook. I used to. I know how. But I just do not do it anymore. A bowl of cereal is my favorite dinner. Bring on the Kashi. OK, that takes care of my fiber but I have been very lacking in the protein. I have not owned a toaster for many years. I have a toaster oven that is my main stay (I have not turned on my regular oven in 17 years) and the thought was I could make toast in it when I wanted. Not. So when I saw this toaster and it could take care of both my want/need for toast and the protein issue I had to have it.this is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Pop in the English muffin and put a egg in select egg/toast and they are ready at the same time. Add a piece of cheese. Bacon would mean cooking. Never tried bacon in the microwave. I have an my own egg mcmuffin in minutes. Check this out here.

I'm sitting here at the computer on Christmas Eve when I heard my gate open, a quick knock on the door. I jumped up & went to the door just in time to see a guy in brown leaving on his appointed rounds. A package via UPS from my sister in New York. A quick explanation of my family. We are a very functioning dis-functional family. We send gifts when and if we want to. They are not expected and when received are a joy. My sister & I have more in common than we realized and that has become more apparent as we passed 50. I left home and got married when she was 13 so we really did not "grow" up in the "conventional" manner.

Last year her son Rob and DIL got her the Keurig coffee maker. Down here I was surfing the web trying to make a choice as to which one of these single cup coffee makers were the one to buy. Well, she brought me the one below. This year she sent me the K-Cup Carousel plus a new wallet with a gift certificate to buy coffee from Keurig. Lvoe you Sis. Now if her son's would get her a computer set up so she can read my blog! (that said for the benefit of Paul who can read this)

I turned the heel on my 9 to 5 socks last night. I'll post pictures tonight. More later...


rmj318 said...

I think that we need one of those egg/muffin toasters. I'd love to have simple breakfasts like that for everyone!

And the coffee gifts from your sister look great....some of the best gifts are unexpected ones.

Laura said...

Now all you need is a bacon alarm clock.

Anita said...

That toaster is super cool!!! I've never seen one before.

You can do bacon in the microwave, they make racks for that that will hold the bacon up and catch the greese for you.... here is a link to just one I found on Amazon:

Jejune said...

OMG, I've never seen anything like that toaster here in Oz! How amazing!

You can cook bacon in the microwave, just put 4 rashers on two pieces of kitchen paper towel, put on the turntable, cover with another 2 pieces of kitchen paper towel, and zap it for about 3 minutes on HIGH. Easy peasey :)

Terry & Jonesy said...

That is way cool! More time for knitting too.
Terry SailingKnitter