Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

remember 2000! The day everything was going to stop. I spent that New Years Eve with my best friend. If we were going to crash and burn we were going to do it together! This picture was taken before I got back into knitting and never thought I'd be knitting socks (those are store brought). I'm the one wearing the long johns, what was I thinking... What a difference 8 years make. I only made it to 10:30 last night and gave up.

Today I will finish sock one of my 9to5 socks, on the toe decrease now. Then I'll start the second one. Nice to have the day off. I hate having two Mondays in a row! Almost everyone will be back at work tomorrow. They will spend most of the day reading emails and trying to catch up. I will be asked a lot of questions. My answer will be, done or take care of or we need to talk about that. So for the next two days I will be going over business stuff that is in my past and in their present. So I'm looking forward to next Monday as we will all be on the same page. Such is life in the business world.

Got out of work yesterday at 2:00 so I took this opportunity to go to a new LYS. Nature's Yarns in Fairfax. They are carrying a different selection of yarn than other LYS. I could not resit picking up some more yarn. The first is Misty Mountain Farm-Jubilee Colorway: Crimson Tide. The second one is Alpaca with a Twist-Fino. This LYS covers the band with their label with bar code so I only have a number for the color 2001 but found it on their site Royal Velvet. I plan on starting something different to have it ready for a knitting retreat I am attending in three weeks. Happy dance!

and the date stamp on my camera is out of whack. I took all these pictures today. ah, date fixed. Computer is giving me fits as well as blogger. I leave you with this.

Pia likes to sleep on the table. Since I can't fight it I decided to give her something to sleep on. This is a very bad attempt at a baby blanket so it will make a nice kitty bed until I make her a felted one. Two seconds after I put it down, Sissy gets on it! Then Pia knowing it is hers, takes her place. A hiss, Sissy is content. Pia is pissed.

All I had to do is pet Sissy and down she goes. Pia is now a very happy fat cat.


Rachel said...

Very Cool Socks. oh yeah, the ones you are knitting too! :)

I only made it to 11 last night...New Year's is not a big holiday to me, I don't remember the last time I stayed up intentionally!

Hope you have a good 2008!

picperfic said...

I remember the Milenium celebrations so well...we had a big 'do' at a local school, it was great fun but so much work and preparation....this time I stayed in and knitted and slept...bliss!

Wendy said...

Oh, I've never been to Nature's Yarn. I may have to swing by in the next few weeks. How is it compared to the other LYS?

Robin said...

OH, the kitty backs turned to one another says it all! Love the sock - such soft colors. Can't wait to see what you're doing for that retreat you're going to!!!!! The 2000 picture is too funny! I think of everyone hoarding food and water every New Year's Eve now.

Knitcrazy said...

Great socks on your feet but the ones you are making are terrific.. Love the colorway..
THat Misty Mountail and Alpaca yarnlook soooooooooooooooo soft.. I have not yet bought such lucious yarns... Maybe I should treat myself ???

Karen said...

Hey KSee! Thanks for visiting my blog, it was SO fun to come over here and look at your beautiful knitting and take a look at your Flickr photo albums!
(I don't cook either, giggle)