Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Preemie Cap

this makes my 3rd FO. I did not have fruit ala Robin so I'm using items I have on hand.

Cast on late last night for the Clapotis using my new Alpaca with a Twist-Fino! After 4 tries I set fino aside and used Simply Soft on Size 3. This helped getting the pattern down. SS is knitting up nicely but I'm not sure if I'll keep on with it. Tonight I'll check my stash. I've never used 2ply lace weight before and would like the FO to be something I would like to wear.
I'm trying to get something started that is a no brainer for the Knitting on the Lake coming up this weekend. If I hope to knit & not tink the whole weekend it must be simple. My mouth can not operate at the same time as my needles!!


Robin C said...

Can't wait to meet you this weekend. I too can't talk and knit but I can sure talk. You will have a blast, it's so much fun.

See you soon, oh and there will be things to buy if you want to send money.

Karen said...

What an adorable preemie hat! Did you make this pattern up? It's just too cute.
Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Thanks for the links, I really appreciate it!
Have fun at your retreat, too. :)

Jejune said...

What a great cap and TOO CUTE photos!

Hope you have a wonderful time at the retreat, sounds just divine :D

Alaina said...

Cute hats!!! Are you knitting to donate or for someone in particular?

I've tagged you - come to my blog for details... :)