Friday, December 7, 2007

Car update

Don't ask me how I did this but here is the damage to my PT Cruiser. They said 10 days to get all the parts in. I need all 4 tires & wheels, engine cradle and front bumper worked on. My knee is coming along. I can not wait to take a shower on Sunday. Have not touched my gloves all day. It is still early but I'm kinda down today. I think it is the effects of the surgery finally wearing off. Good news is that I can borrow my friends Jeep to get to work on Monday.


Robin said...

Wonder what in the world you ran over?!?? So glad you're OK. I ran over something big one time and lost a hubcap. Never did find out what it was. I love ALL your kitty pictures and I'm glad to hear the surgery is behind you. Hoping you a speedy recovery!


Thanks for signing up! I can't wait to get started on knitting you something special-have lots of ideas! Just need things to slow down a bit-so after the holidays i plan to get started! Looks like you got a bite right away too! I bet you'll have a happier experience this time!