Saturday, April 5, 2008

This and That

The past week was a busy one at work. I was so exhausted when I go home that I had trouble keeping awake and functioning properly. So today I am giving you links for interesting and miscellaneous stuff.

I started a pair of socks using my new Rocky Road yarn. I cast on 72 stitches and after two inches it seemed too small. I also tried a couple of patterns but they were completely lost in the colorway. Friday night I started again and cast on 80 stitches doing a basic k2p2 rib.
You must check out Donna's, Random Knits, finished Hyrna Herborgar. It is stunning.
Denise, Jejune's Place, finished her Ice Queen. Love it!!
Karen, Yarn is my Metier, had a tour of Lorna Laces and she didn't buy a thing! What restraint.
Gina, Sleepy Eyes Knitting, finished two but please check out the The Phiaro Scarf. I have this tagged but after reading her notes I am putting it way back on the list.
Bea, Baa, Baa Black Sheep finished her Plane Socks. I want to try the garter heal. (Her contest is over. So if you entered good luck to you)
Monica over at Passion Knits finished up a pair of Mad Color Weave socks. Love the color.
Cinnamon Girl has a new addition in the family. No contest but you can help her decide on a name.

April is Autism Awareness Month. I worked for 8 years in a sheltered workshop. Unfortunately, many of the clients we had were older and the medical advances that we have now and/or the awareness we have were not available when they were young. I'm speaking of 40 years and older. We did have younger clients come into our program who had been mainstreamed into the school system. Anyhow, Sharon is raising money for her walk in September, if you can help her out. Her page is here. Her goal is $250 and she is just past the half way mark.

April 10th is ASPCA Day. Go to Nicole's at Lap Dog Creations page for her contest. I DVR Oprah and this show was nothing new to me but I want to get the word out. Please do not buy your puppies from a pet store. (Here is a link to Pet store Cruelty). Here is the Oprah show that was on this week and puppy mills and they also mention buying puppies from the Internet. Please, if you did not see it take a few minutes to watch. My state of Virginia has puppy mills. 980 puppies and adults were rescued last November. Read this article, people are giving up their pets as they can't afford them as they are loosing their homes. Our government says were aren't in a depression! but all these stories are depressing.

Amanda at Modest Purls is having a Color Celebration contest.

It is Sherriknits BlogGIVErsary and she is having contest.

For something random. I saw the ad for this Movie in our local Senior citizens newspaper. I tried to get the image but could only give you this link. So, knitting is for old people! You will need Flash to view the intro to see what I'm talking about but if you don't you can go here.

this was my view leaving for work at 6:44 Friday morning. The morning are getting lighter

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Anonymous said...

The sock looks great!

Love the cartoon. Ugh... poor guy...

Anita said...

SNOL!! That cartoon is too funny!

Jejune said...

LOL, great cartoon!