Saturday, February 2, 2008

Longest toe

I started these socks on Jauraury 18 to take with me on the Knitters Retreat 08. I needed something simple so I could talk & knit. They are basic sock pattern knit on magic loop two together. Cast on 72 stitches, 36 on each needle x 2 socks. Pattern is plain old k2, p2.

I completed the leg of each at the retreat. Last weekend I did the heal flap, gusset and the rest of the foot. I figured I would have the toe decreases completed on Monday. Not.

By the time I would get home from work and do what you do when you get home it would be 8 when I would settle down to knit. Monday I got a couple of rounds down and was so tired I put it down and went to sleep.

The same thing happened, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Friday would be it! When I packed away my socks on Thurday I was not careful so on Friday a couple of stitches slipped off. Pain. Fixed it and finally completed the toe of sock 1 using the Kitchner stitch. Now onto sock two. Done. Then I found out I did not pick up a stitch! So know I'm trying to pull out the kitchnerand rip back. Done.So now it is Saturday morning and this is what I have. I will be picking up the stitches to get them back on the needle. Lets see how long this will take. Pain!


Anonymous said...

A friend and I are already talking about that retreat for next year. Sorry about the sock! It looks great though...

Robin said...

That's a pain in the sock! Love that color purple. I also love Magic Loop and need to learn how to do the 2 at a time. Just got a new book - 2-at-a-time SOCKS by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. It says "Revealed Inside...The SECRET of Knitting Two at Once on One Circular Needles". Can't wait to get into this book! Looks like good illustrations.

Knitcrazy said...

Great socks and learning the magic loop...
Looks like you all had a Great Fun time !!!
Knitters are such Fun people!!!