Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sissy spinning and an empty box

It took almost two week to get a video of Sissy doing her favorite thing. Every time I sat down with the camera she would look at me and then walk off.

Then I tried something that Nicole Knerq did with an empty box. I won't bore you will all the out takes. Need to find out what I need to edit these videos. 3 of the 4 cats immediately either got in or checked it out.

I have been knitting up the Shape it Scarf using the yarn show in this post and will be finished if I ever got off the computer!

I also just purchased Nicole's new pattern Chained Melody socks. It is going OTN today.


Robin said...

So cute! I haven't seen one of those spinners with a lighted ball. Isn't it funny how kitties LOVE boxes?? Mine love boxes, buckets, anything they can squeeze into. I took George to the vet this morning in a priority mail box!

Anita said...

Your videos are great! Jazzy would love one of those ball things! I think all cats are facinated with boxes.... wonder why????

Ian said...

Those are some nice cats! The mp3 player you asked about is a Sansa M240, and it has just a 1GB capacity. I'm pretty sure that in addition to music, you can load it with audio books in mp3 format. I just drag and drop using Windows Explorer and it works fine. However, the M240 is plastic, and thicker than it looks, and I know someone who's accidentally crushed 2 of them, so care is needed.

If you're looking for very basic video editing, Windows XP comes with "Windows Movie Maker" which is what I use. But if you're using a Mac, the simplest solution is iMovie (which I believe is now no longer included in OS X). Hope that helps.