Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wonderful PIF!

I received my PIF gift from The Knitorious Mrs B. This is my very first hand knit wash cloth. What a surprise to receive a package in my mail box that was not junk mail. Mrs B also sent me tea for a good cuppa and a darling little flower candle. Thank you so very much!!

I am still working on the first sock of my 9 to 5 pattern. I am knitting this really tight. I think it is the yarn that is dictating this. I have used the same needle size and pattern for Robin's sock am I know it was not like this. I have about 20 rows to finish the tow and then cast on the second.

Two weeks ago I started posting and selling some of my many audio books. You can find me as seller kseeglass here if your interested in audio books. I could not drive without a book. In the Metro Washington DC area and traveling on the Beltway it is what keeps me sane.

Here are some pictures from my garden. This is my Clematis Jackmanii purple. It is not doing as well this year as years past but it sure is pretty. Some of the blooms are as big as my hand spread out.

My Columbine is incredible! This is the largest it has ever been and it has been blooming for weeks and does not look like it is going away anytime soon.

The video is just what it sounded like Saturday morning. I was the only person around and awake in the neighborhood. No kids! But that damn Mockingbird or is it a Blue Jay? goes on for hours at a time. Non-stop. He sits at the very top of the Weeping Willow.



Channon said...

What a happy mail call, eh?

Robin said...

Gotta be a mockingbird. I heard that a mockingbird can imitate 308 other bird sounds. Pretty amazing but they are annoying! They sit up on our chimneys and just sing away!

Anita said...

Your flowers are just gorgeous! That sounds like a mockingbird to me. :) We have one around here too & they can get pretty anoying. The other day we had a woodpecker in the tree out front, I thought he'd never quit pounding on the thing! LOL


so glad your package arrived! enjoy the cloth, and sip some tea by candlelight!

Robin said...

Your garden is beautiful!! Hey, I'm still trying to catch up on all my blog reading from vacation...