Saturday, June 21, 2008

Forever 9 to Five

I have just finished! I have been decreasing the toe for two days now! At the same time I realize that in just a few rows I will have nothing OTN! So I am going to figure that one out and pull all my felted bags out and start finishing them! I received my stimulus check on Friday. Here is a list of things I need to do with it, plus things I want to get
  1. Get a MRI $150

  2. Pay off Best Buy card $300

  3. Get a new cell phone--free but I then need to get extra chargers. $30

  4. Get a Blackberry for $49 and spend too much a month for bells & whistles I do not need.

  5. MP3 Player to download audio books from the public library and save some money buying them. Need to learn and better understanding how that works.

  6. Really want and Ipod

  7. Need sundries; paper towels, TP, Brita water filters; --trip to COSTCO-that a good $100

  8. Savings

I don't know how to cross out copy in blogger so I know that I am doing 1, 2, 7 & 8 for sure.

I have decided to join. Whiskers on Wednesday . Check it out. They are having a shout out contest!

I sure wish I could come out smaller!


Rachel said...

Oohhh...nice socks. That design worked out really well with that yarn!

Sounds like you have lots of plans for the stimulus money...hope you do end up being able to use it for something 'fun' as well as mandatory stuff.

Anonymous said...

instead of an IPOD try the Zen by Creative Labs - you can download everything the same as an IPOD but it also downloads MP3's. The thing is great (and is easy to use)!

cinnamongirl93 said...

O.K , first make sure to get the blackberry. I have the Blackberry Pearl and I paid about the same for it. I adore mine and can't picture being without it. I mostly check all my knitting blogs and Ravelry site and dream, dream, dream when I have down time at work. We do not have internet where I work!
The Ipod is a must too! My daughter bought the Zen and does not like it. I'm on my second ipod. First one got stolen. I have 3500 songs on it and books and even discovery channel shows. Again great down time fun!
Have fun spending you check. Ours is due next week!

picperfic said...

why the MRI?

you have some decisions to make don't you? Go and felt a bag or two....the socks are gorgeous!

Lynn said...

Those socks came out really nice! And very good on putting together a budget for your check. Best way to get the most out of it! You are just missing one thing....a trip to the LYS!