Thursday, June 19, 2008

Movies, TV & some knitting

Not much happening around here. Work & Sleep. I do get to sit in traffic for about 2 hours a day and I get to knit when I finally relax in front of the TV. Last night I watch Juno. Cute. Sunday it was Ratatouille. Again, cute movie. Can't wait for July when the cable shows start another season. Burn Notice, Law and Order Criminal Intent has started. I can watch any L&O show over and over. The Closer is also starting on 7/14.

I am now on the foot of my 9 to 5 sock. I should finish up this weekend. Then what to do? I have stacks of patterns I would like to try. I think I will get something simple on the needles and get to work on finishing up some of my felted bags. I have tried to cut my computer time down which has gotten me so behind in my blog reading. I keep track through Google reader and right now I have over 300 posts to catch up on. There are so many interesting people who blog and I have about 10 people I keep in touch with. Many I lurk, others are yarn shop blogs or how toos. Then when I read everyone has someone else that they post about and I follow that link and then get lost in reading. You all know the drill!

Our weather has been up & down. Storms come in fast then cool, then super hot. We have been very lucky and watching the floods along Iowa is just so overwhelming to see.

I leave you with a little movie. I was watching Zorro's tail and knew something was going to happen. the boy does not disappoint.


Bubblesknits said...

I like the video of the ambush. lol Our kitten, Fluffy, is notorious for jumping on the other cat's heads as they walk by. They're tolerating her for the time being. lol

picperfic said...

thanks for the need to cut my time down on here too!

Robin said...

The front half of Zorro looks so disinterested and innocent while the back half looks mischievous! My George will go after little Gracie and when Earl sees this, he joins in the chase and goes after Gracie, too. Poor little Gracie!

Lynn said...

Oh I LOVE those little wiggles before they go after something! LOL

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Burn Notice. Great TV for sure. I've been watching the old ones waiting for the new ones. Glad to see that Monk and Psych are coming back as well. I swear the cable shows have better tv than the networks. I'm getting REALLY sick of reality tv.

Rachel said...

I was only gone for 3 days and when I came back there were over 300 posts waiting for me! But I don't mind because it felt like I was coming back to friends!

Like your video...I love that mischievous twitching of the hind end when cats are about to pounce!