Monday, May 25, 2009

FO- The Forever Socks- Forever done!

Thought you would never see this day-- well, neither did I. I would have had them done on Friday night if I had not confused myself with the Kitchener stitch. I tried to tink back but and ended up ripping back to where the toe started! I have also tried creating a mosaic in Flikr. I spent hours reading help. Uploaded the pictures, deleted them and uploaded a second time. Well, I did manage to create one but have not figured out how to upload it to my blog. It is in my collection on Flikr if you are so inclined to see them again. I copied it to my computer and it is really tiny. So I am just going to show you all the views individually.
This is the 2nd sock.

This is sock #1
The #$@^% pair together!!

OK, now that you have seen all the views you can see that while they were knit from one skein of Misty Mountain Farm Jubilee- Crimson Tide, they do not match. When I started the 2nd sock I matched up my cast on using the tail from sock 1's cast on. I have never had this happen before. I did not realize the difference until I started the heel. Once sock 1 was done it was put it in my bag. It did not see the light of day since April when I started sock 2. I double checked the amount of stitches for each sock. Check, 72 stitches divided between two needles 36 per needle. I checked this 4 times for each sock. I used a size 2 Addi 24" cable.

I have cast on for a new project. Something simple. It is from the Itty-bitty Nursery book that I received last week. While I was there I could not help but add in two skeins of Felici Self Striping Sock Yarn in the Gelato color way. I am going to try and figure out how to substitute yarn and make something for a baby. Don't have one to make it for but we never run out of babies and I am never ready for when one comes along.

Now if I could figure out how to add a slide show, cross out type and so much more that I see other blogger's do on g00gle blog. I really do not want to change sites at this point.

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was a pleasant one. I know mine was quite and I was really glad to see the rain today. Yes, Lynn, I was glad. It kept the millions of kids I have in my community in the house. The past few years we have had little turnover in families, which is good, but the kids are getting bigger and louder each year. I have lived here long enough to see them from toddler to college.

I am now going to watch a movie "The Secret Life of Bees", I listened to the audio book and loved it and knit my new project.
BTW, I am still fighting ants. I went to Wal Mart on Friday and got Taro inside and outside traps. I went again this afternoon and picked up two gallons of the super duper spray for in & outside. I am so over these little creatures. I hate not being 'green' but I am at my wits end. I hope the product does what it says it will do and I can get a friendlier product to use as a follow up.


Channon said...

I can't make socks match when I try either. They're pretty though!

Lynn said...

LOL Well I could have sent you some of mine as well!!

Weird abt that sock, funny how the ribbing is different on both socks. The feet look the same. There is no explaining some colorways......But I still think they look good and nobody will tell unless you tell them! LOL

Anita said...

GAH! I hate it when that happens!! I haven't tried to match socks though, only mitts. They turned out really pretty though even if they don't match up perfectly. :)

Bubblesknits said...

Okay, click on the picture you want to load onto your blog. You'll see a tab above the pic that says "All Sizes". When the page loads, you'll see options for sizes (I usually go with the medium). Click on which one you want and the page will reload. Scroll down and you'll see a piece of code. Copy that code and paste it into your post. You might have to click the HTML tab on your post and place it there to get it to show up right. I can't remember with blogger. Try it both ways and see which one works. :-) Lemme know if you have any trouble and I can try to help.

Bubblesknits said...

Oh, and congrats on finishing the socks! I like the color!