Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here is Sissy in Stanley's bed. It was the 2nd time I found her there.
I took this picture of my roses and peonies this past Saturday. I cut off most of the Peonies because of the rain we has Saturday night. I knew they would be goners. Today I still have roses and more peonies. Wild weather, late snow, very hot August weather, lots of rain and now cold mornings...this is the best show of my roses than I ever had.
This is just one in a beautiful cobalt blue vase I own. Since there was no sun and I could not bring the flowers into the house, ants, I could not get a good vantage point to show the vase/flower combo. They are still sitting on my patio along with others that broke that as sitting in a bucket. Definitely the cool weather is helping keep these going.


Channon said...

I didn't see any cobalt, but the flowers are impressive! Maybe there is an up side to this crazy weather?

Lynn said...

Where's the vase? Gorgeous flowers though.

and Sissy looks quite comfy!! LOL

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

Great kitty clip!! We have several cat beds...yet they take great pleasure in "stealing" each other's beds and rubbing their scent on it just like Sissy!! LOL!!

BEAUTIFUL flowers...I love Peonies!!!

Bubblesknits said...

I can't count how many cat beds we've bought over the years and the cats always turn their noses up at them. They're convinced that their bed is *our* bed. lol

StarSpry said...

Sissy is so cute, and I love her squeaky meow :)

Beautiful flowers! I just love peonies, but hate all the ants that are always in the blooms!

Robin said...

Love the pink peonies with the red roses! Sissy is SO sweet!

Firefly Nights said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to visit you. I'm going to scroll back and see what I've missed. Haven't had much time for blogging the past couple of months.