Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bear in Sheeps Clothing

This past Monday I went to my local Safeway. I needed that all important staple-- Kitty litter. I hesitated going in but I had a $1 coupon. Well, $108.00 later, I had two weeks of lunches for work and other Edy's Peanut Butter Choc ice cream. Everyone on the store was nice and the whole experience went well. I do have a question, why is it that you have coupons and can not find the damn things! Also, how in the world do coupon clippers spend $108 and only pay $4? Do they use expired coupons. I digress, as usual. As I was leaving the girl who works the Starbucks kiosh offered me a small paper cup of Carmel Frappuccino. It was left over from the last customer. While I was standing there look what I found! Isn't he adorable. Plus he was on sale! I have two others at work. I'll have post a picture soon. It is amazing the details they put into these little bears.

I have to tell you going shopping after work is not one of my favorite things, yet better than going on a weekend. I came home in a better mood because of the find and the people who were so helpful and nice. That included the other people shopping. Rare indeed!

I am still knitting on the darn sock!!

Have a great day.


Princess Tuesday said...

Very cute. I have a whole collection of those little Starbucks bears left over from my days as a barista.

Channon said...

What a little cutie! Why can't I get pressies for going to the grocery store? Sniff, sniff... I miss Safeway!

StarSpry said...

The little bear is adorable!

Robin said...

He's so cute! The caramel frap sounds yummy. I stopped by Sheetz yesterday and got a peanut butter frap and it was delish, too!

Firefly Nights said...

I've also wondered how those coupon clipping fanatics save so much money. I don't find that many coupons for things we use. Do they plan menus just around what they can find on sale and only buy cleaning products that are on sale?