Sunday, May 10, 2009

Killer Weed

What is this? I went through all my garden books,searched on-line and did not find a picture. I have now cut them down so the pods won't open. With the rain these grew to 3'. If the rain didn't stop they could have turned into Jack's bean stalk. Although, I would hate to see poor Jack with prickly things stuck all over him, LOL.

I picked up the lawn paper bags when I was at Safeway last Monday. They are the cheapest and best way to recycle yard stuff. I will fill up a bag later when it is cooler. We are having beautiful weather again today. Breezy and sunny. The neighborhood kids have not come out yet to make me close up the house and Zorro is behaving himself by not clawing in the screen on the patio door.

This is the only Lilac's that I cut off my bush. This is a 18 year old plant and only blooms every other year. 2007 the landscapers cut it back. Which is OK to do but then you have to wait two seasons for flowers. I hope they leave it alone this year.

Least we forget why I started this blog, here is another purchase fro Jimmy Beans Wool. This is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Limited Edition April 2009 Robin's Eggs. Thank goodness I did not like the other months colors. The colors just grab me and before I know it I hit the purchase button.

I have pulled out all my spring and summer clothes and moved back the fall/winter to the walk in closet. I have quite a stack of clothes to try on and I believe most will go to charity.
Edit: why is it that some pictures you can make bigger and others not?


Channon said...

I've had that weed before, but that's not the one taking over at my house. Good luck!

Love the lilacs, and the new yarn!

Cat said...

shhhhh - I joined a sock club... (insert gasp!)

StarSpry said...

Beautiful lilacs!