Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy Saturday--Sunday off to a bad start

I was up at 5 and weeding by 6 am. The horrible prickly weed that has taken over a part of my garden will require digging out. So I cut them down so the buds would not bloom.

1:32 a.m. Sunday--I woke up with a Charlie horse in my right calf. I laid there flexing and stretching my leg. Pain is terrible. Finally had to get up and walk it off. that is working but muscle still wants to cease up. While I was shopping yesterday my left foot was cramping. Completely twisted my toes.

Back to that weed. I am searching the net and not finding out what it is. OK, leaving to look in my garden books. More later. 2:05 a.m--later! my left calf wants to cramp.
2:17-I'm now drinking coffee and I will be up for awhile. Watching last episode of CSI-NY. Baby just born. Wandered over to Ravelry. Took a couple of Va1l1um. Thank goodness it is Sunday.
OK posting this, more posts to follow...


Lynn said...

I hate when my legs do that to me. I get it more in my toes than legs, but I know what you mean. Hope you are doing better today.

Channon said...

The Knight gets terrible charlie horses in his calf and thigh, but they're almost always related to dehydration. Gretchen got me up at 6-something this morning, and we (ha!) weeded the Boys' Garden.

Hope you're feeling better already.