Saturday, March 22, 2008

When I posted about our Peeps Diorama. (more about that tomorrow). I received a comment from Denise that they do not have peeps in Australia. I wrote her and asked if I could send her some and was she willing to give me her mailing address. She wrote back and said they had the Easter Bilby and she would send me one. What fun. Totally off the cuff. Well, I went to CVS my local drugstore and picked her up yellow chicks & purple bunnies. Could not resist picking up some jelly beans, chocolate mints, bunny ears (which I hope to see modeled soon). CVS has so much to choose from for Easter that I had to put back more then half of what I wanted to send. Found a cute little lamb, pictured here with Jejune's Lulu, and that went into the cart. Then reading her back posts saw that she does not buy or have access to some knitting mags. So I went to my mag stash and threw some of those in. OK, I've gone this far, so I went to my yarn stash and sent her two skeins of Patton's wool. Nothing special but colors I thought she would like, plus you can't go wrong with having pretty colors of wool on hand for felting. Then as a last minute addition, I added my box of Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies I'd just received from a co-worker. I am looking forward to receiving my Easter Bilby.
Edit: read about Peeps here. I just took it for granted that everyone knew what peeps were. This is one on the great things about blogging we meet people and learn about all cultures

I needed to leave work early yesterday for my 6 month dental appointment. Love getting the teeth cleaned. So I don't know if I missed my Bilby. You have to go to Denise's web page and see her beautiful drawings. She is a very talented artist. I brought one of her t-shirts with the Blue Willow painting. I've collected Delft since I was 18 and was drawn to this one. It was hard to choose.
In Other News
You need to bunny hop over to Chan's blog & tell her a story about something you got talked into doing! She is having her 1 year Bloggiversary and wants us to entertain her! The contest will run through midnight on April 1. So hurry on over.

On the Medical Front
I've been seeing my GP for sinus infections since last November and had temporary results. On the third visit in three month I asked "do you think I should see an ENT" "Good idea she says" And they get paid the big bucks! (I checked my insurance claims and they were paid $180 for each office visit, FGFS, and office visit!) I had to wait 6 weeks for the appointment so just went to the ENT this Thursday. She did the scope and took pictures & culture. Numbed me with Lanocain, back in 1986 went I was last to an ENT they used c0caine to numb. I am to use the Neti pot morning and night. I was only using it in the morning when it was bad. Use breath right strip (got the generic CVS ones) at night. Gave me a script for Veramyst. Then make a appointment for allergy test (They have a special nurse that does that and makes her own appointments). Test to see what I may be allergic to. So she knows I live with 4 cats. She said I will not need to give them up. I know I'm not allergic to cats. So I say" and what would be the purpose of the allergy test? What will it prove? That I can be allergic to my cats, pollen, air pollution?? Or is this just another "procedure" to go through, spend more insurance money? OK, I'm leaving this subject, it get me riled up. As Gypsy Rose Lee said "you gotta have a gimmick" and the doctors sure have theirs.

Speaking of cats you have to drop in here. Kristen has such great history & pictures posted about her furry family.


Robin said...

I thought Peeps where everywhere! I'll be interested in what an Easter Bilby is!
Happy Easter!!

picperfic said...

I don't know what either a Peeps is or an Easter Bilby! Hope you manage to sort out your sinus problem. Mine are bad most of the time now, although if I get a cold they play me up for months afterwards! I have only had anti biotics for mine, I know just how painful and debilitating the problem can be.

NH Knitting Mama said...

I'm sorry you have had a sinus infection. Jessi of AL Fiber Dreams has the same kind of story - it sounds just awful to have that going on.

Neat Peep swap!

Jejune said...

Thanks again for such a great Peeps Treat box! Lulu (my knitted lamb) loves her new lamby friend :) I hope my box of goodies arrives soon!!

A bilby is an endangered Australian marsupial. Rabbits are an introduced and hugely destructive species here. Some years ago some bright spark started up the Easter Bilby as a way of raising awareness for this endangered animal. We still get chocolate Easter Bunnies and eggs etc, of course, but there are also chocolate Easter Bilbies :)

Sorry to hear about the sinus problems - very painful :(

Anita said...

I can't wait to see your Easter Bilby, how interesting!

Sorry to hear you have been having sinus problems too! I do too, & I'm NOT giving up the furbaby regardless! I have been having problems with my alergy meds giving me splitting headaches, then if I don't take them I get a headache from being stopped up! Just can't win....

theyarnwhisperer said...

I love the knit lamb. Where ever did you find him/her?
And thanks for the heads up about putting the word verification on my blog. It has reduced my spam amazingly!

Robin said...

You are so lucky! Love your new yarns!! Denise's artwork is wonderful!! I can't wait to see what an Easter Bilby is. Sounds like she has a wonderful Easter box coming from you. Love the cat hallway! They look so chill.