Monday, December 1, 2008

She grew too fast!

and I knit too slow. BSJ #1 was made for Annaleise who is now 10 months old now, she was 6-7 months old when I started and used a larger needle, oh well, another lesson learned. As BSJ#1 was my first I had trouble and took too much time thinking it out that it seem to take forever.
I put it on her but the buttons would not stay closed. So another sweater in our future, this time it will be toddler size. L & E stopped over to help me find out why my DVD player would not work after I replaced my cable box. I'm sorry I did not get a picture of brother Leon. He was having so much fun either trying to play with things in a non-child friendly home --magnifying glass or hand cream or with the cat toys. They did go home with wwf blue-footed booby that Annaliese is playing with in the video. It was brand new and still wrapped in it's original packaging. I took several still shots of her but she was a wiggle worm so I switched to video.

Both kids are just adorable and so happy and well behaved. They are my BFF grand babies #4 & 5 from daughter #2.


Channon said...

Well, shoot! I hate that the jacket didn't fit her, but she's adorable!

Princess Tuesday said...

Thanks, I think they're great kids too! She is 10 months old today, by the way, she does grow too fast!

mochaxlight said...

That sweater is gorgeous! I love the color combo.

What a cute lil baby! Awww.

Bubblesknits said...

Aww...I just love listening to baby coos and giggles. :-) Mine grew way too fast, too.

picperfic said...

those BSJ's do come out rather small, all that hard work, one of them will have to have another baby to fit it!